Actor William Shatner to Go to Space

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William Shatner Going To Space
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Of course, William Shatner remains most famous for his role as Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise on the original Star Trek. Now, however, the actor will actually fly into space on Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket. Read on to find out more…

William Shatner To Go To Where Few Have Gone Before

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That’s right! Captain Kirk will actually head to space in the near future! Actor William Shatner has decided to go on a little rocket trip. He’s the first celebrity to join the upcoming team that will travel on Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket. The 90-year-old has been in talks about going in October, “but it’s not a done deal yet,” a source said. Although Blue Origin’s official Twitter account has shared the same information, there are some details left to confirm. “He’s almost certainly going, but they’re still working out the finer points,” another insider said. “It’s just not totally confirmed yet.” Once confirmed, at the age of 90, Shatner would become the oldest person to ever fly into outer space.

There are a few more reasons that this trip is so important. Of course, it will be a big boost to Blue Origins profile – however, that’s not all! Blue Origin will also film the trip for a wide-release documentary, according to TMZ. If COVID-19 restrictions don’t end up halting the trip, it will become the second successful trip for Blue Origin. The first occurred in July, where both Bezos and his brother Mark flew onboard the ship. On that first flight, Blue Origin managed to break the record for the oldest and the youngest people to ever fly to space: 82-year-old Wally Funk and 18-year-old Oliver Daemen went on the first official flight.

Meanwhile, Shatner would shatter that record if he went into space. Now, the actor has started sharing his feeling of traveling into space with fans…

Captain Kirk…Scared Of Space?

William Shatner Going To Space

During a recent panel at the New York Comic-Con panel Shatner answered questions about the possible upcoming trip. “I’m going to space. I’m going what? Where am I going?” he started by saying, downplaying all the recent media attention on the trip. “So [Jason Ehrlich, producer and Shatner’s friend] came to me about a year and a half ago and he said, you know, they’re starting to send these rockets up with people into space,” Shatner recalled. “Wouldn’t it be something if Captain Kirk went up there? And I said, ‘Jason, for God’s sakes, man, nobody cares about Captain Kirk going up into space. You know, it was 55 years ago, by God, man!’ ”

“So he continued to sell me on the idea and bless his soul. Blue Origin is the idea,” Shatner continued, referring to Blue Origin’s first flight. “I’m terrified,” the actor finished by saying. “I’m Captain Kirk, and I’m terrified going to space. You know, I’m not really terrified. Yes I am. It comes and goes like a summer cold.”

Currently, fans have no idea if Shatner will adorn his old persona and wear Captain Kirk’s uniform when heading into space. However, Star Trek fans would certainly enjoy that!

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