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These Women Are The Powerhouses Behind Your Favorite TV Shows

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It’s 2018, and there are some fantastic TV shows with fresh and interesting perspectives that keep us hooked.  These innovative shows have a lot to do with the incredible women who create, direct, write, act and produce them. Here are five women in television who are standing at the forefront of the current TV revolution.

Jill Soloway

Women in Television
Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock, Amazon

Known for: Six Feet Under (writer), Grey’s Anatomy (writer), Transparent (creator, writer, showrunner).

Jill Soloway might not be a household name, but she definitely should be! This rising star in Hollywood is certainly one to watch. She started her writing career on Six Feet Under and then went on to work in many other successful TV shows. Eventually, Amazon picked up her incredible idea for a TV show, Transparent, which became a hit and a cult series. Soloway breaks gender barriers in the show and manages to bring up taboo subjects in the most gentle yet fierce way, making Transparent a gem and a breakthrough in Hollywood.

Reed Morano, Zoe White

Women in Television
IndieWire, Variety

Known for: Morano – Kill Your Darlings (movie, cinematographer), Vinyl (cinematographer), The Handmaid’s Tale (director); White – The Handmaid’s Tale (cinematographer)

For some reason, people think Hollywood cinematographers are mostly men. It’s only partly true; these days, more and more women receive significant cinematography roles. It’s true, the equipment is heavy and the shooting days are long – but that never stopped any woman from doing exactly what she loves. Reed Morano, a cinematographer as well as director, and Zoe White, a cinematographer, are incredible women in television. These two worked on the set of The Handmaid’s Tale with Elisabeth Moss, as well as HBO’s hit series Vinyl.

Shonda Rhimes

Women in Television
Jay Goldman/ABC, ABC

Known for: Crossroads (writer), The Princess Diaries (writer), Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder, For The People – creator, showrunner.

Shonda Rhimes is one of the most successful women in television. She pitched her idea of Grey’s Anatomy to ABC, and the rest is history. From there Rhimes continued writing fun, suspenseful, interesting TV dramas with three-dimensional roles for women. Rhimes even founded Shondaland, her own production company. Rhimes gives a platform and opportunities to many actresses and writers and introduces fresh talent to the world. In fact, Viola Davis was the first black woman to win an Emmy for Lead Actress (How To Get Away With Murder). Rhimes knows what her audience loves, knows the industry, and keeps creating original, fresh TV.

Elisabeth Moss

Women in Television
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Known for: Mad Men (as Peggy Olson), Top of the Lake (as Robin Griffin), The Handmaid’s Tale (as June Osborne, also producer), The Square (movie, as Anne).

There are no television fans who don’t know Elisabeth Moss, or at least know her face.  Moss has been acting since she was just eight years old, but it now seems like she is TV. Moss always picks complicated, interesting roles. From the from hardworking, sharp Peggy on Mad Men to clever and hot-tempered June in The Handmaid’s Tale. She’s also a producer on Handmaid’s Tale – and won an Emmy in the Lead Actress category as well as TV Producer category in 2017. Moss starred in the 2018 Cannes Festival’s biggest winner, The Square. All the doors are now open before this LA native and talented actress.

Oprah Winfrey

Women in Television

Known for: The Oprah Winfrey Show (host, producer), chairwoman and founder of Harpo Productions and OWN.

There isn’t really a need for us to go into detail about Oprah Winfrey and her work. Of all the women in television we’ve selected, she’s easily the most recognizable. However, you may not know this: her cable TV network, The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), is the fastest growing cable network in the US. Oprah is not only a smart, hardworking and charismatic – she is also one of the most successful businesswomen in Hollywood. Oprah’s net worth is $2.8 billion, and she never stops inventing, creating and giving voices to those she feels aren’t heard enough. We want Oprah/Michelle 2020!