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Woodstock 2019: Artists, Lineup and Everything Important To Know

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Woodstock 1999
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The original Woodstock music festival took place in 1969, fifty years ago, this year. Now, some of the world’s biggest music stars will commemorate the “summer of love” with a brand-new festival, Woodstock 2019! Put on by the original promoters and featuring an all-star line-up, it will surely be the greatest music event of the summer, perhaps of the year! Here’s everything we know about the Woodstock 50th-anniversary party…

Tribute to 1969 Woodstock

Time flies when you’re having fun – can you believe it’s been 50 years since the original Woodstock?

In January 2019, the original Woodstock promoter Michael Lang released an announcement: a 50th-anniversary concert will take please this summer. Held in Watkins Glen, New York, the festival will last for three days, from August 16th to the 18th.

Tickets will go on sale starting April 22, so get ready! But, fair warning, this is going to be one of the hardest festival passes to snag. Why? Just wait until you see the lineup…

The 2019 Headlining Acts: A Mix of Old and New

Woodstock 2019 Lineup
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In 1969, the festival reflected the popular music of the time. This time around, for the 50th-anniversary, producers wanted to do the exact same thing! Last month, concert promoters revealed the lineup and saying it’s stacked would be putting it mildly. Headlining artists include Jay-Z, Miley Cyrus, Imagine Dragons, Halsey, Chance the Rapper and The Killers, to name just a few.

However, it was also important for promoters to include some original acts from 1969. Obviously, huge legends who headlined the original Woodstock like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Joe Cocker, Grateful Dead, and many others aren’t with us anymore. Still, many others are! So, Santana, David Crosby, Dead & Company, and more will also perform alongside modern hit-makers. The 2019 festival is meant to be a celebration of love, music, and people getting together. “Our hope is that today, just as in 1969, music will be the constant that can inspire positive change,” said Lang.

The 1969 Woodstock drew some 600,000 people – but this time, as the times progressed, 100,000 will be on sale, with a big emphasis on security and festival-goers’ safety. Especially after Woodstock 1999…

The Woodstock 1999 Disaster

Woodstock 1999
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Many of you recall that, in 1999, Woodstock’s 30th, concert promoters attempted to have another anniversary concert. However, it did not go well. Like all Woodstocks, it should have been a celebration of popular music. Instead, music lovers view it as a funeral for ’90s music. With tickets starting at $150, coupled with high food and beverage, the festival did not start off well. Then, the venue could not provide enough water. This ended up becoming quite the problem, as the concert took place in the extreme heat of some in Rome, New York. In fact, performer Kid Rock asked concert-goers to throw water bottles on stage because of the high prices!

Woodstock 1999 producers also made another fatal mistake, this time regarding scheduling. They scheduled the massive festival on the same weekend as the Baseball Hall of Fame ceremony, another large event taking place less than 50 miles from the venue. As such, most hotels were fully booked and, once again, rates were extremely high.

In the end, some 250,000 people descended on the festival area. And that’s just the number of tickets sold! Many security guards said they saw thousands of fake tickets and people sneaking in. Eventually, the heat and lack of food and water took its toll. Crowds ended up starting a large riot that involved flipped cars, bonfires, and a litany of arrests. To say the least, Woodstock 1999 was a disaster.

Thankfully, it seems like festival producers have learned their lesson. This time around, they are working hard to create a fantastic experience for everyone attending Woodstock 2019. If you’re going, have a great time! You can view the full lineup of Woodstock 2019 here.