The Worst Episodes From The Most Popular TV Shows

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Worst TV Episodes

Every rose has its thorns, everyone has a bad day every once in a while. And even the most popular television shows have aired some terrible episodes that fans would feel happy to never think about again. Here are some of the most memorable worst episodes ever – if even we’d like to forget them!


Season 5, Episode 14: “Diamond Sam”
Worst TV Episodes

No question, Cheers remains one of the most beloved American sitcoms of all time. With witty dialogue and relatable characters, the show continues to resonate. However, like any show, it had its share of hiccups. One of those came in season five, with the episode “Diamond Sam.” In it, Sam (Ted Danson) wants to propose to Diane (Shelley Long), with the exact ring she always dreamed of having. Sam can’t afford the ring, so instead uses a fake. It seems funny, but fans hated it! They didn’t enjoy Sam, a usually good person, lying, and they didn’t like how Diane came off a bit selfish. Today, “Diamond Sam” is remembered as one of Cheers‘ worst.


Season 4, Episode 21 – “The One With The Invitation”

In recent years, reviewers have started to look at Friends, one of the most popular television shows ever, with a more critical eye. Does it hold up? Is it still funny or, perhaps more importantly, relevant. While fans and critics will likely debate these questions forever, they agree on one point: “The One With The Invitation” is the worst episode of Friends. Just look to IMDB, where “Invitation” received the lowest aggregate rating of any Friends episode, a 4.21. And it’s completely understandable! “Invitation” is a “clip show,” meaning it uses clips from previous episodes. Fans always hate these types of episodes – they want something original and new!

Stranger Things

Season 2, Episode 7 – “The Lost Sister”
TV Worst Episodes

This episode is one of the strangest Stranger Things entries – and that’s saying something! In fact, recently, fans took to Twitter to comment about how they had already forgotten all about “The Lost Sister.” And we can’t blame them! In it, Eleven runs away and sort of finds a new family. The plotline completely diverts from Hawkins and the main storyline, for no good reason! It’s a painful hour, and no amount of ’80s hair and music can make up for it.

Big Bang Theory

Season 11, Episode 17 – “The Athenaeum Allocation”

Big Bang Theory featured many classic episodes over its long run, but they can’t all be winners. And it seems that even fans and non-fans can agree that “The Athenaeum Allocation,” from season 11, did not live up to the show’s standards. In the episode, Sheldon and Amy are informed that their wedding venue accidentally double-booked the location on the date of their special day. What should have followed as classic sitcom hijinx. Instead, reviewers said the episode was “void” of all humor, and also featured too many predictable twists and one-liners. Bazinga?

Game of Thrones

Season 8, Episode 5 – “The Bells”

Last and certainly least, Game of Thrones. Few shows have such a bad last season that fans band together to demand that the network re-do it. After seven beautiful seasons, the creators left fans with a mess. Most fans decided to jump ship with “The Bells,” in which Daenerys burnt Kings Landing to the ground. Most fans felt that, in one single episode, the show-runners had destroyed both Daenery’s and Cersei’s character arcs. Others argue that it further rushed an already rushed final season. However, all fans agree that “The Bells” represented the final nail in Game of Thrones‘ coffin. Shame, shame, shame.

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