Biggest Film Festivals In The World Unite For Streaming Event

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Youtube Film Festivals

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, movie theaters around the world shut down. As a result, many major film festivals lost out on big movie premieres. But have no fear! Many huge film festivals have united to premiere on YouTube! Read on to discover how you can watch them from the comfort of your own home…

Packed Schedule

Coronavirus Film Festival
We Are One

More than 20 most prominent film festivals joined forces to entertain the viewers stuck at home during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Together, film festivals from all around the world, including Berlin, Venice, Sundance, Toronto, and Tribeca, will combine for the We Are One: A Global Film Festival!

As you can imagine, after film festivals like Cannes needed to shut down due to coronavirus, organizers felt terrible. These aspiring filmmakers would now have to wait a year to get their shot! So, they started conceiving of the We Are One festival. It will “spotlight truly extraordinary films and talent, allowing audiences to experience both the nuances of storytelling from around the world and the artistic personalities of each festival.” Jane Rosenthal, the co-founder of the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, said. He finished by saying, all of the world needs healing right now.”

The festival will start on May 29 and last for 10 days. Of course, it will include many films, documentaries, music videos, comedy specials, and conversations with creations, both well-known and new to the public. Excited to see the lineup? Well, the full schedule is currently up on the We Are One YouTube page and official website. Some films include Adela Has Not Had Supper Yet from the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Anna from the Cannes Film Festival, Atlantiques from the New York Film Festival, and so many more.

New Possibilities

Youtube Film Festivals
We Are One

While most filmmakers are happy for the chance to have a spot in the historical film festivals, it has gained some critics. First, many films were dropped, since the ten-day event could not hold every film from each festival participating. Meanwhile, others are worried that online festivals will not only lead to a rise in piracy but also the death of in-person festivals. Why would you ever return to the theater, they ask, when you could watch everything from home? This will, in turn, hurt independent cinemas. However, while some are afraid the global online festival will hurt the filmmakers, most are simply thankful.

Meanwhile, other film festivals have already started discussing how to open in public. Some organizers even believe that they will being to have in-person events as soon as the fall of this year. Others are not as optimistic, however, which has led to some interesting ideas. One organizer is even considering a drive-in film festival!

For those interested in checking out the We Are One: A Global Film Festival, it is entirely free of charge. However, the festival will be collecting donations for those battling COVID-19. While watching the festival, viewers will be able to donate as much as they can to the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund! Enjoy the festival!

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