Beautiful New Photo Of Princess Diana Released By A Friend

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Princess Diana
John MacIntyre/Wikimedia Commons

It may be hard to believe, but this past August marked the 21st anniversary of Princess Diana’s passing. As always, there were many tributes to the late princess. One of the most touching memorials was the release of a never before seen photo of the Princess. When it was revealed, it took the world’s breath away.

Princess Diana Forever

Princess Diana
mark reinstein/Shutterstock

Princess Diana of Whales was an intelligent, beautiful, kind woman. Diana was unofficially titled “Princess of the People” because she was relate-able and down-to-Earth in her manner and character. Not to mention, the Princess was quite fond of meeting everyday people! For many, she was more than a princess, as she was also a loving mother and godmother, and a philanthropist.

The entire world was shocked and saddened by her early death. It’s easy to let her tragic death overshadow the memory of her. However, it is incredibly important to celebrate Princess Diana’s life. She was so full of light, happiness, and always seemed to have a sparkle in her eye. This year, as in years past, many remembered the princess’ beautiful life.

Remembering The Princess, 21 Years Later

Princess Diana

Like many famous celebrity deaths, people often remember where they were when they heard Princess Diana died. David Emanuel, the designer of the Princess’ iconic wedding dress, recently said, “The years have gone by so quickly. It’s still very, very sad. She is still very much in peoples’ hearts and minds really – and that’s her legacy. After years and years, people still remember her so well.”

In 2017, to mark the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s passing, a beautiful all-white garden was created in the memory of the Princess of Whales. The sons of the late Princess, Prince William and Prince Harry, along with Duchess Kate Middleton, made a poignant walk through the garden. This year, people came from all over the world to place tributes at the gates of Kensington Palace (seen above).

This year’s remembrances did not end at the palace gates, however. Last month, one of the Princess’ closest friends, Rosa Monckton, released a never-before-seen photo of Diana.

The Never Before Seen Picture

Princess Diana
Rosa Monckton/Twitter

Rosa Monckton was one of Princess Diana’s closest friends and confidants. The Princess was the godmother of Monckton’s daughter’s, Domenica. In 1995, Domenica was born with down syndrome. Princess Diana supported Monckton and her family in any way she possibly could, from emotional support to finding the best doctors for Domenica. In every way possible, the Princess helped create the best life possible for her goddaughter.

In a heartfelt tweet, where Monckton attached the picture of the Princess, she wrote: “Diana as I remember her. Not enough is written about her sense of fun and zest for life. Friend and wonderful godmother to Domenica. RIP.”

The photo shows Princess D as we rarely got to see her: mid-laugh, relaxed. It is an incredibly touching photo and gesture, leading to its thousands of retweets and likes. Best of all, it remembers the Princess as we all knew her, as one of us. Rest in peace, Princess Diana.