Royal Family Says Goodbye To Prince Philip With Beautiful Funeral

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Prince Philip Royal Funeral Recap

Over the weekend, Queen Elizabeth II and the rest of the British Royal Family laid her husband, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, to rest. With his funeral, they said goodbye to one of the most famous, influential, and beloved members of the Royal Family ever…

Saying Goodbye To Prince Philip

Royal Funerals 2021
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The family held the funeral for Prince Philip on April 17 at Windsor Castle’s St George’s Chapel. Only 30 people attended live, something rare for the burial of a Royal Family member. However, that’s what Prince Philip wanted. While he could have had a state funeral, he requested a private military one. Additionally, COVID restrictions limited the number of people allowed to attended. As such, less than three dozen watched on. Still, many more around the world watched live on television.

“The Duke of Edinburgh’s coffin, covered with His Royal Highness’s Personal Standard and dressed with a wreath of flowers, is resting in the Private Chapel at Windsor Castle, where it will remain until the day of the Funeral,” Buckingham Palace announced beforehand. When it did come to move the casket, a Grenadier Guards army regiment did so. They used the customized Land Rover Defender TD5 130, designed by the Prince himself. It took him and a group of developers 18 years to modify it to his specifications. How incredible! Just a small glimpse into the life of an extraordinary man…

Behind the Defender walked the Royal Family, with Prince Philip’s children taking the lead. What followed was an incredibly beautiful ceremony.

Hundreds Of Thankful Men And Women

Prince Philip Military Funeral Recap
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While only 30 family members and friends attended, many more worked on the funeral. In fact, hundreds of army, navy, air force, and marine men took part in the ceremony. Beautifully, the regiment carried Prince Philip into the chapel to the rhythms of military band music. Afterward, the United Kingdom had a minute of silence to honor Prince Philip. Then, the Dean of Windsor began the ceremony.

“We are here today in St George’s Chapel to commit into the hands of God the soul of his servant Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. With grateful hearts, we remember the many ways in which his long life has been a blessing to us. We have been inspired by his unwavering loyalty to our Queen, by his service to the Nation and the Commonwealth, by his courage, fortitude and faith,” stated the Dean. Four choir members, socially distanced, accompanied the Dean. “Our lives have been enriched through the challenges that he has set us, the encouragement that he has given us, his kindness, humour and humanity. We therefore pray that God will give us grace to follow his example, and that, with our brother Philip, at the last, we shall know the joys of life eternal.”

With the first prayer complete, the beautiful ceremony continued, with 13 million watching in the United Kingdom alone. Worldwide viewer numbers are forthcoming, but many expect some of the largest ever.

Socially Distanced Funeral

Royal Funerals 2021
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Following more prayers, the choir continued with more beautiful songs. One, “the Russian Kontakion of the Departed,” struck many online as particularly beautiful. Of course, the ceremony ended with the national anthem, “God Save the Queen,” after Prince Philip had been lowered into the Royal Vault. At this point, the current Royal Family members had a chance to say their last goodbyes to the Prince. Afterward, they left the chapel.

The following day, Queen Elizabeth II made an announcement, thanking those with kind words. “Her Majesty and the royal family are grateful for all the messages of condolence from around the world and have been touched to see and hear so many people sharing fond memories of the duke in celebration of his life,” Buckingham Palace said in a statement. “The tributes received from young and old are truly a testament to the remarkable life and lasting endeavors of His Royal Highness.”

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