Trapped In A Real-Life “Lord of the Flies:” Discover The Story of the Tongan Castaways

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Tongan Castaways Tonga Castaways
Rutger Bregman/YouTube

As the saying goes: truth is stranger than fiction. Most people know the story of Lord of the Flies very, very well. After all, nearly all high schoolers in America have read it since its publication in 1954. While reading the novel, most readers cannot help but wonder: what would happen if a group of young men ended up stranded on a deserted island? Believe it or not, we know!

In 1966, more than a decade after William Golding penned Lord of the Flies, six teenage boys, now known as the “Tongan castaways,” ended up alone on an island in the South Pacific. Now, after all this time, their story is finally out! And what occurred to the young men is far more unbelievable than any story…