Rest In Peace To All The Stars We Lost In 2018

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Stars We Lost In 2018
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Over the past year, we’ve lost many iconic celebrities and creators. They shaped television, film, and literature as we know them, through their amazing characters and stories. With their never-ending imagination and talent, they inspired and helped many for decades. This is our tribute to the stars we lost in 2018.

Movie Stars We Lost In 2018

Stars We Lost In 2018
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Unforuntaley, we lost quite a few movie stars in 2018. Scott Wilson – best known for his part as Hershel on The Walking Dead, passed away on October 6, due to leukemia implications. His co-stars lamented his death online and shared beautiful memories of the great actor.

The entertainment world suffered another loss when Peter Donat died. Donat starred in many big productions, including The Godfather, Hawaii Five-O, Murder, She Wrote, and more. However, he is best remembered for his role as Agent Fox Mulder’s father on the X-Files. He was 90 at his passing on September 12.

In September, the iconic Burt Reynolds, 82, also passed away. A total shock to his family and friends, the iconic actor died due to cardiac arrest. Reynolds starred in Boogie Nights, which earned him an Academy Award nomination, Smokey and Bandit, and many more hit films.

Politicians Who Passed Away

Politicians We Lost In 2018
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This past year, we’ve sadly lost two great Americans: Senator John McCain and President George H. W. Bush. Senator John McCain served in the United States Navy from 1958 to 1981. During that time, he became a prisoner during the war in Vietnam. After his release as a POW, McCain continued to serve his country for over three decades first in the Navy and later as a senator. He passed away on August 21, at the age of 81, after losing to a battle with brain cancer.

President George H. W. Bush began his political career as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from 1967 to 1971. Over the next decade, Bush Sr. would fill any role his country needed him to, including Chief of the U.S. Liaison Office to the People’s Republic of China and Director of the CIA. Then, he served as the 43rd Vice President from 1981 to 1988. However, Bush’s most significant achievement came in 1989, when he was elected the 41st American president. President Bush died on November 30, 2018, at the age of 94, due to complications from Parkison’s disease. He was the longest-lived president in U.S. history.

Artists We’ve Lost This Year

Stars We Lost In 2018 Aretha Franklin
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On August 16, we lost a legend: Aretha Franklin – the Queen of Soul – passed away, at the age of 76, surrounded by her loved ones. Her music and voice were loved by millions, and she left a significant impact on many generations.

While Franklin’s family held her funeral last year, fans will have another opportunity to tribute the late singer. Later this month, CBS and The Recording Academy (who presents the Grammys) will hold a tribute entitled Aretha! A Grammy Celebration for the Queen of Soul. The tribute will be hosted by Tyler Perry and will include performances by Alicia Keys, Kelly Clarkson, Celine Dion, and Patti LaBelle, among others. The special will tape on January 13, 2019, and will air sometime later in the month.

Musicians We Lost In 2018
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Two young artists that also tragically passed away this year are Avicii and Mac Miller. Worse still, the world lost these two incredible artists at a young age. Avicii, a Swedish DJ and record producer, passed away on April 20, after taking his own life. With major hits like “Wake Me Up” and “Brother,” his music will keep him alive and continue to aspire.

Mac Miller, a rapper, passed away on September 7, due to substance abuse. He was a rising star in the rap/R&B industry, with his newest album, Swimming, considered to be one of the year’s best. The album is currently nominated for the Grammy for Best Rap Album of the Year.

TV & Movie Creators Who Passed Away

Stars We Lost In 2018
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Some of the hardest losses this year were innovative creators who shaped entire generations. Penny Marshall, the amazing actress and director, passed away just before Christmas. She directed A League of Her Own and Big, after starring in iconic TV shows like Laverne & Shirley.

In late November, the creator of Spongebob Squarepants, Stephen Hillenburg, lost his battle to ALS at the age of 57. Spongebob quickly became a cultural phenomenon after Hillenburg created it. Now in its twentieth year, the show continues to delight and inspire all those who watch it. Like all of these incredible creators, Hillenburg will live on in the hearts of thousands of fans.

Stars We Lost In 2018 Stan Lee

The death of Stan Lee – creator of the Marvel comics and universe – shocked many, as he embodied the spirit of youth and creation. Lee passed away at the age of 95, and many of his colleagues wrote heartfelt posts online to honor him. From up-and-coming comic book writers to mega-celebrities like Robert Downey Jr., everyone had something nice to say about Lee and his enduring legacy.

Sadly, many other legends passed away in 2018. Their art, creations, service, and spirit will be celebrated for many years to come, and their legacy will live on. May they rest in peace.