Your Vintage Disney Merchandise Could Be Worth A Lot Of Money

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Vintage Valuable Disney Merchandise
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Throughout our childhood, we accurate a lot of toys. Now, however, those sweet childhood memories have some serious financial value. Some vintage Disney merchandise has sold from between $60 to $150,000! Here are some of the most valuable Disney products ever created. Hey, you should check your parents’ attic! That old Mickey Mouse clock that’s now worth $200 could still be up there…

Vintage Donald Duck PEZ Dispensers

Estimated value: $600-$800
Originally released: 1960’s
Vintage Donald Duck PEZ Dispensers
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Many people around the world collect PEZ dispensers – including this writer’s own mother. And heck, why not? They’re colorful, fun, and look great on display. Over the years, PEZ has created dispensers for just about every iconic pop culture character imaginable, including many Disney dispensers. You might assume someone like Mickey Mouse’s dispenser might earn the most. However, you’d be wrong. Instead, it’s the Donald Duck PEZ dispenser collectors seek. One recently sold on eBay for $800!

Enchanted Tiki Room Bird

Estimated value: $153,400
Originally released: 1963
Vintage Valuable Disney Merchandise

When thinking of Disney merchandise, most don’t automatically think of the Enchanted Tiki Room. Visitors often overlook famously funny, albeit slightly antiquated, show of singing birds. After all, those birds are up against some heavy-duty Disney attractions like Space Mountain and the castle. However, many have fond memories of the Enchanted Tiki Room from the 1960s, when it first opened. Of course, over the years, they’ve had to replace some of the birds. Those lucky enough to snag an old one have quite the collector’s item on their hands. Just last year, one of the old robotic songbirds sold at an auction for over $150,000. That’s enough to build your own Space Mountain!

Simba Backpack

Estimated value: $60
Originally released: early 90’s
Vintage Simba Backpack

We don’t really need to cover where Simba comes from – do we? As you might imagine, with the recent his Lion King remake, nostalgia for the original has been at an all-time high. And that includes vintage merchandise, including this goofy Simba backpack. Don’t worry it can hold a Tamagotchi, chapstick, scrunchie, and a VHS copy of The Lion King! What else do you need? In the last eBay auction, one of these cute backpacks sold for a whopping $60! But its value will likely rise more over the next decade.

Sun Colors Pocahontas Gift Set

Estimated value: $300
Originally released: 1995
Vintage Valuable Disney Merchandise

Believe it or not, the Disney animated classic Pocahontas initially opened to mixed reviews. Still, that did not stop leagues of fans from watching it and adoring it all throughout their childhood. Well, until they grew up and learned the true story of Pocahontas. The Disney movie, as woman-empowering as it might be, is filled with historical inaccuracies and misconceptions. However, Disney never failed to capitalize on a movie, even one that opened to mediocre reviews. This Pocahontas dolls, which had leaves appear on the dress in sunlight, now regularly sells for around $300.

Buzz Lightyear Action Figure

Estimated value: $500
Originally released: 1995
Vintage Buzz Lightyear Action Figure
Aden’s Toy Reviews and Modifications/YouTube

Little did fans know at the time, 1995 would become the year for valuable Disney merchandise! Toy Story continues to make Disney millions upon millions of dollars. The first film hit big in 1995, thanks to its incredible, new 3D animation and touching, funny storyline. The sequels were also great and loved all over the world. So, it’s really no wonder that a that this Buzz Lightyear action figure grew in value! When it first went on sale, this figure sold for a little under $20. Recently, it sold at an auction for $500! That’s a profit!

Bottom line is: when your child wants a piece of Disney merchandise – get it! Who knows, it might be worth quite a bit one day.

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