11-Year-Old Boy Saves Man More Than Twice His Size from Drowning

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11-Year-Old Boys Saves Drowning Man
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Advaik Nandikotkur is just an 11-year-old boy, living in Minnesota. When he witnessed a man drowning in a pool, he did the unthinkable: he jumped in to save him. Here’s the incredible the heroic story of Nandikotkur’s incredible rescue…

The First Responder

11-Year-Old Boys Advaik Nandikotkur
Suseel Nandikotkur/CNN

The Nandikotkur family live in a quiet, suburban area of St. Paul, Minnesota. They’d never thought that at the turn of the new year, their life would change forever.

On December 30, 2018, 11-year-old Advaik Nandikotkur hung out with his family at the indoor pool in the family’s housing complex. When a man – another tenant’s visitor from Chicago – went in the pool, they thought nothing of it. Moments later, Mr. Nandikotkur noticed the man, at the deep end of the pool, was completely unresponsive. They immediately realized that the man was drowning.

The first to respond was the 5th grader, Advaik.

An 11-Year-Old Boy Turned Hero

11-Year-Old Boys Saves Drowning Man Minnesota

Advaik was the only one present who knew how to swim. So he did the one thing no one expected an 11-year-old to do: he rushed to the pool to save the drowning man. However, Advaik did hesitate – the boy only learned to swim three years prior. Plus, the man was three times his age and much heavier than him.

Standing on the edge of the pool and seeing the man drown, the 11-year-old boy’s mother had a sudden flashback to her son’s swim practice. “I saw him go to the bottom of the pool and collect rings and come up. That just flashed in my mind. If he can go get three things while controlling his breath…” So, Advaik’s mother urged him to jump in and try to save the man.

With his mother’s encouragement spurring him on, Nandikotkur jumped to the bottom of the pool in a rescue attempt. Soon, he grabbed the drowning man’s wrist and pulled him up! The minute they hit the surface of the water, Nandikotkur’s father pulled the man and helped his son, bringing the unconscious man to the edge of the pool. Young Nandikotkur rescued the man – but the story doesn’t end there…

A Family Effort

11-Year-Old Boys Saves Drowning Man
Raghu Nandikotkur/CNN

Advaik’s uncle, Suseel, then stepped in to try and save the unconscious man. Despite his lack of any real CPR training, Suseel used his strength and what he remembered from films to perform CPR. Meanwhile, someone called 911 – but Suseel continued. After three minutes, the man slowly regained his consciousness. When paramedics arrived, they gave the man oxygen and took him to the hospital. According to CNN, the man made a full recovery.

The fact that Advaik saved the 170-pound man from drowning shocked both officers and medics on the scene. Police Officer Aaron Machtemes who was rushed to the scene said, “I’ve never heard of a boy jumping in and saving an adult from a pool.” Officers also commented the man was very lucky to be alive. The man, after being released from the hospital, went to thank the 11-year-old boy who saved him. “He said he loves me,” Advaik said.

On his heroic decision, the boy said he “just hoped he had it in him”, and he still feels very camera-shy and overwhelmed by the attention. It will come as no surprise that young Nandikotkur, and his uncle, are now nominated for the St. Paul Police Department’s Life-Saving Award. Of her son’s bravery, the proud mother said, “Advaik understood the situation. There was an emergency.” The police department praised Advaik, his uncle, and the entire family, who were quick to respond and selfless in their actions.