Family Stays at Animal Shelter for 27 Hours to Adopt Dog

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Family Stays at Animal Shelter for 27 Hours to Adopt Dog

Without a doubt, adopting is the most humane way a person can take a pet. So, it’s no wonder #AdoptDontShop has been trending recently! In fact, one family fell so in love with a dog at an animal shelter that they waited 27 hours to adopt their furry friend!

Heart On Her… Chest

Adopting Animal Shelter Long Wait

The moment Kyle Johnson and his family saw the dog, now named Luna, on Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Broken Arrow Animal Shelter Instagram account, they knew they had to have her. You see, this beautiful pup is not like any other. As you can see in the photo above, she features a fur patch that looks like a heart right on her chest! Of course, who would not fall in love with the collie’s cute big eyes and genuine gaze along with her incredible fur pattern? Its really no surprise that just hours after the animal shelter shared images of Luna, she immediately went viral!

After this cute little pup became the talk of Tulsa, she the Johnson family’s eye in particular. Believe it or not, they drove to the shelter right away and camped out for a whopping 27 hours to adopt the dog! Why did they have to wait? After any animal arrives at the Broken Arrow Animal Shelter, the animal needs to remain for at least five days, in order to make sure everything’s okay. The shelter also works on a first-come, first-serve basis. So, the Johnsons decided to wait for the entire fifth day, just to make sure they could adopt their furry friend first!

A Furever Home

Family Stays at Animal Shelter for 27 Hours to Adopt Dog

After the Johnsons adopted the little pup, the Broken Arrow Animal Shelter decided to share the news on their Facebook and Instagram accounts. “This precious baby girl has touched the hearts of people around the U.S., and we are happy to announce that she has found her new furever home!!! Thank you to everyone that has shared our post,” they wrote. “It is amazing how one little dog can touch so many hearts. Her name is now Luna, and she is safe and happy with her new furever family. They absolutely love her and say she is full of energy.”

Of course, as Luna had gone viral in Tulsa, plenty of followers wrote well-wishes for both the family and the dog. “So glad she has a new happy home,” one fan wrote. “I wish we could see more happy endings like this,” another commented. Thankfully, there’s plenty of chances for others to make animal dreams come true, just as the Johnsons did! The Broken Arrow Animal Shelter also mentioned that they still have more than 50 dogs and cats available. All these animals also need a new home! If you live in the area, contact them if you are interested in adopting, but be aware of the rules: “The shelter is open for adoptions by appointment only. All adoptions are 1st come 1st serve on the date available,” the shelter states on the official Facebook page.

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