5 Life Lessons Taught By Dogs Who Are Wholesome And Pure

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When they say “dogs are man’s best friend” they are wrong. Because dogs are angels on four legs and tails who were sent down to us, and sometimes, like in these cases, we humans just do not deserve them. They’re our fur-babies, loyal and fluffy and goofy and adorable; even though we think we’re the ones teaching them tricks – they’re actually the ones who show us life lessons. Here are five life lessons taught by dogs who’re way too wholesome and pure for this planet.

It’s The Thought That Counts


When you receive a questionable gift from someone you love, you’ve got to smile and say thanks even though you’re screaming from the inside. But this incredible big dog fully appreciated the tiny XS bed that his momma accidentally ordered online. You can really see he’s trying to make the best out of it; if this dog can, you can make something out of nana’s holiday gift: yet another itchy sweater (I asked for money. Just money, nan).

Safety (And Cuteness Overload) First

Cute Dogs

The nose. The lil’ legs. The paws. The tail. Is there anything more perfect than this pup buckled up and ready for a drive? Even though our hearts are exploding with the cuteness, this isn’t the safest way to travel with a dog. There are safety measures to be taken when a dog rides in the car with you. A seat belt works for humans but not for dogs; go get a car-buckle for your pup to keep it safe and sound!

Empathy Is Key For Dogs

Funny Dogs

This doggo is more caring than most human beings. Every time his owner showers, he goes and gets his favorite toy for them… because he’s scared of showers himself! In his doggy mind, he thinks the toy that comforts him will comfort his owner too. Also, look at the little-concerned face he makes. Is this not the best thing you’ve seen all day?

You Do You

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Some nay-sayers might try to bring you down because you’re slightly different or strange but remember: you are unique and special. Just like this puppy, who, well, is trying to eat a reflected rainbow. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do exactly what you want.

Study Hard, Play Harder

Funny Dogs

Just look at the proud face of this smart Pitbull! He graduated dog school, where he learned how to use the bathroom outside, picked up basic commands, walk with a leash and all sorts of other doggy things. His owner is equally proud, tweeting, “My boy got his B.A. today. Couldn’t be more proud”. SO ARE WE.