911 Dispatcher Saves Baby and 71-Year-Old Man In One Shift

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911 Dispatcher McKenzie Davis
Flagler County Sheriff’s Office

Of course, many of us know just how much work police officers do everyday. However, many of us forget how much dedication and determination it takes to work as a 911 operator. Just ask McKenzie Davis, a 911 dispatcher in Florida. Recently, she needed to save both a 71-year-old man and a 6-month baby in the same shift!

911 Dispatcher McKenzie Davis

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Over her career as a 911 dispatcher for Flagler County Sheriff’s Department, 21-year-old McKenzie Davis has helped save hundreds of lives. However, now many are hailing her for the hero she is after Davis experienced one tough shift on September 6th. The first call came in around 3:30 pm, immediately hurling the operator into action. A mother, paralyzed with fear, had called 911, saying that her infant had stopped breathing! Of course, the mother had no idea what to do, but Davis did not hesitate for a second.

Rather, Davis calmed the mother down and began to give her child CPR instructions. As a good 911 dispatcher does, she walked the mother through the steps perfectly, helping her every step of the way. She even counted the seconds for the mother! Thanks to Davis’ instructions, the baby began breathing after a single round of CPR! As you might imagine, the mother felt overcome with joy. Meanwhile, Davis did not feel like a hero – she just thought she was doing her job! However, her shift had a lot more in store for her. Just one hour, the 911 dispatcher received another harrowing call…

Recognized For Her Bravery

911 Dispatcher McKenzie Davis
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Just an hour after helping save the small child, Davis answered another phone call from a terrified woman. The older woman explained that she had discovered her husband unconscious in the pool next to their home. After family members pulled him out, the woman realized her husband was not breathing! Sadly, no one there knew CPR. So, once again, Davis calmed the caller down and started explaining what to do. Like her previous call, the 911 dispatcher’s instructions managed to save the man’s life! He began to breathe, and Davis’ instructions helped keep the man stable until paramedics could arrive.

Later in the week, Flagler County Sheriff’s Department decided to honor Davis with both a small ceremony and Facebook post for her heroic shift. “9-1-1 is the number you call in your darkest hour and it is the voice on the other end of the line that can help you through whatever situation you are facing,” Sheriff Rick Staly said. “In these cases, McKenzie was able to not only calm the callers down enough to listen to the instructions, but she was also able to count with them to ensure they were doing compressions as often as required…Already this year she has helped save four lives. She is a true hero and a great partner with our deputies in the field.”

Many online wondered how Davis could deal with such calls every day. But she says its simply part of the job. “After those sort of phone calls, you take your time, re-gather yourself and you have to be there for the next person who needs you,” she said.

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