Adopted Siblings In Colorado Turn Out To Be Biological Brother & Sister

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Adopted Siblings
Katie Page

Colorado mom Katie Page adopted a baby boy, excited to be a mother. Page believed that her time dealing with the adoption agency was over. Later, however, after receiving an urgent call, she began fostering a baby girl, from another part of her state. Soon, she noticed uncanny similarities between the adopted siblings. Finally, Page confirmed what she long suspected: the adopted siblings were, in fact, biological brother and sister!

A Motherly Instinct

Adopted Siblings Katie Page
Katie Page

In May 2017, Katie Page, who resides in Colorado, did one of the most incredible things a person can do: she adopted a baby, named Grayson, who is now two years old. However, a month later, Page received a phone call. The adoption agency informed her of a baby girl named Hannah, who needed a foster home. Page didn’t think twice; she immediately took Hannah in.

While raising the two infants, Page quickly began noticing similarities between the two adopted siblings. In an interview with People magazine, the Colorado mom said, “There were features on the babies that were very similar. They both have a chin dimple, and the other feature is one that only a mama would see because it’s covered by their diaper!” But at first, Page did not read much into it; she believed the babies came from different mothers, as she’d been told. Page simply focused on raising the children and giving them the best lives they could have.

However, Page eventually found out her motherly instinct was correct – and Grayson and Hannah are in fact, biological siblings.

“They Were Meant To Find Each Other”

Adopted Siblings Colorado
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As more and more similarities between the adopted siblings showed up, in both appearance and behavior, Page began working on finding out whether the babies were related. Soon, a DNA test confirmed the news: the adopted siblings are actually biological brother and sister!

Of the incredible discovery, Page said, “They were as shocked as I was. Everybody thought I was crazy. I think everyone thought it was a far stretch because I didn’t have that much to go on, but my intuition was telling me there was more to the story. We kept it pretty quiet until there was more information to support the theory.”

Page was thrilled, as she knew the process of adopting the siblings would be much easier, now that it’s proven that they’re indeed biological siblings. “Because they were related, she was able to stay in my home – judges rule that way. They were meant to find each other, that’s pretty clear. I think God intended that from the beginning. If they weren’t related, Hannah would not have stayed with our family. She would have been placed with other relatives. It was a great thing.” So in December 2018, the Colorado mom officially adopted the two young children.

Grayson and Hannah, Two Peas In A Pod

Adopted Siblings
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Not in a million years did Page imagine the roller coaster ride that adoption and fostering would be. At first, she planned on adopting one baby; then, she took in another baby girl; and then finding out her initial suspicions were correct and finding out the adopted siblings share the same DNA – it’s a once in a lifetime journey.

Page is also dealing with a lot of media attention, which she thankful for, as she’s able to raise awareness of the situation, and advocate for adopting and fostering children.

Page said that raising Grayson and Hannah is an adventure, and the bond between the siblings is tight. “Life with them is never dull and boring. They are two peas in a pod. Especially now that both are walking. Miss Hannah is so exploratory. Grayson loves Hannah. She loves to follow him everywhere and be in everything. They’re just the cutest team trying to figure things out and learn everything.”