Escaped Alligator, Cow Cause Separate Traffic Jams In Houston

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Wild Animal Traffic Jams Houston
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Even for the wild city of Houston, it seemed like a strange day. Two animals in a row – an alligator and a cow – wreaked havoc on the city’s streets, causing massive traffic jams. Read on for the funny, absurd news you need this week!

Cow Stops Houston Road

Alligator Cow Loose Texas
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Houston, Texas turned into a full-blown zoo last week! It all began on one of the city’s main highways, I-10. Everything seemed fine until a scared cow ran onto the highway. Of course, not wanting to hit the poor animal, all the cars came to a halt, creating a massive backup on the freeway. In fact, the cow might have even caused one minor fender bender, though officers have yet to confirm that.

Thankfully, Harris County Sheriff’s Office Livestock Unit – yes, they have one of those – quickly arrived on the scene. Once there, officers managed to rescue the cow and help drivers return to their everyday lives. They even had a little help from a rancher caught in the jam! “A pedestrian is currently trying to rope the cow,” said Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez – the mission failed.

However, the Livestock Unit did ultimately capture the cow and return it to its owner. Believe it or not, the Livestock officers are some of the busiest in Houston! “Did you know, in the 1st quarter of 2021, they have handled 478 calls involving cows, sheep, horses, goats, pigs, and even the occasional ostrich,” wrote Mike Lee, Harris County Sheriff’s Office Assistant Chief.

Busy officers they are, the Livestock Unit, Police, and Animal Control were far from done for the day. The same day they received a call about another animal causing traffic jams, this one far more dangerous than a cow…

Alligator Causes Traffic Jams

Alligator Cow Loose Texas

Just a few hours later, an alligator joined in on the traffic jam “fun.” It seems the dangerous critter found a sunbathing spot for himself on Fred Hartman Bridge, one of the busiest bridges in the city. While drivers might have felt terrified of the 8-foot-long alligator, the creature itself seemed very relaxed! “Deputies are out with an alligator who found its way onto the Fred Hartman Bridge,” the Police Department wrote on Facebook and Twitter. “Texas Parks and Wildlife has been notified so he (or she) can be safely relocated. In the meantime, it seems to be napping!

Thankfully, authorities managed to remove the alligator within just a few hours, once again allowing commuters to move along and make their way to work and home. Of course, some could not help but make jokes about the entire saturation. “Water is so polluted had to walk across the bridge,” one commenter wrote, joking about why the alligator took the bridge.

Meanwhile, many from across the country joked about not moving to Houston any time soon. “Alligators on one bridge, and a cow on the highway!! are they having a bad day?” another joked on social media, poking a little light-hearted fun at Houston. However, we’re sure Houstonites wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!

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