A Dad Invented An App That Will Lock Your Kids’ Phone Until They Text You Back

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Dad App Kids Text Back
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Since the invention of texting, parents have wanted their kids to text them back faster. Now, it’s finally possible! It only took one smart father from England, who just wanted his son to text him back. So, he invented quite the solution. Here’s everything you need to know about the app that locks a kid’s phone until they reply to their parent’s message – whether they like it or not!

The Problem With Kids And Phones

Dad App Kids Text Back
Nick Herbert

Nick Herbert from Bromley, England, decided to take matters to his own hands after his 14-year-old son repeatedly ignored his texts. So Herbert invented an app that locks the kids’ phone until they reply to their parents’ texts.

Hebert explained it came out of pure necessity. Now, it’s trickier than ever being a parent. You want to get your kid a phone so you can contact them quickly (and vice versa). However, phones are getting more and more capable. Children and teens use their phones to go on their favorite social media platforms, play online games, and often leave it on silent (because no one calls anyone anymore – it’s all about texting). It’s easy to ignore someone’s text or leave it on read, without getting back to them.

“There are times that I need to get a message to him and he has no way of knowing that the call or text he ignores or doesn’t see is important or not, and I have no way of knowing if he has seen it – and I mean really seen it, and not just moved it so he can get on with his game,” Herbert recalled on his website.

So, after some time, Herbert created his app, ReplyASAP. Read to discover all the app’s incredible features!

The App’s Special Features

Dad App Kids Text Back

Herbert’s app, ReplyASAP, is a messaging app similar to WhatsApp or Viber. Parents begin the process by downloading the app on both their phone and their child’s. Then, they can send any message through the app. When the kid’s phone gets it, it not only vibrates and makes sounds, but the message stays in the middle of the screen until the child or teen replies. The app also alerts parents as to when the child first read the message.

That’s the basics though, the app also has a few more useful features. For example, parents can also set alarms for their child through the app or locate their position using GPS. It gives parents the option of tracking down your kids in case of danger or misbehaving.

Future Plans For ReplyASAP

Dad App Kids Text Back

The app is working very well for the father and son. However, Hebert said in an interview that people contacted him, saying it helped them locate their elderly parents, and it even helps large companies and organizations with employees on call.

ReplyASAP is currently being re-designed so the user’s experience will be smooth and easy, for both the sender and the receiver. The app is designed for Android, and will soon be available for iOS users.