Here Are Best Pet Costumes From Halloween 2019

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Pet Costumes Halloween 2019

Halloween 2019 might be over, but pictures of incredible pet costumes keep coming out. We’ve collected some of the best, most creative, and of course, cutest, pet costumes of the season for your pleasure!

Odin the Lizard as a Wizard

Halloween 2019 Memories

What a magnificent costume and take on the wizarding world: Odin, the lizard as a wizard! He looks straight out of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them! This cute lizard is an Instagram legend who lives in Missippi with his parents. His folks spoil Odin rotten, getting him whatever he wants. Including a Halloween costume!

Wilson the Pupper as a Scary Ghost

Pet Costumes Halloween 2019

There’s nothing wrong with an all-time classic! Wilson the dog’s parents dressed him up as a scary ghost. While some might find it a little simple, many found the costumes so adorable! Wilson lives on the Isle of Man with his parents and brother George. There, he loves to play and cuddle, when he’s not dressing up like a ghost, that is!

Kelly and her Doggy as Shrek and Donkey

Halloween 2019 Memories

Kelly, a creative Twitter user from San Fransisco, uploaded these awesome pics of her and her dog, dressed up as Shrek and Donkey from Shrek. Users online absolutely adored her pics, flooding her with kind comments. Many even called it the most iconic pet costume of the year!

Peppermint the Kitty as a Bunny

Pet Costumes Halloween 2019

Rescue cat Peppermint remains as sassy and adorable as ever. However, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a soft side! Peppermint’s owner uploaded this photo to IG with the caption, also adding the caption, “What do you mean kittens don’t get to go trick or treating?!” Even though she indeed stayed at home during Halloween, just like any other cat, Peppermint still had a great time. She and her rescue sister Flower enjoyed a night in with their loving parents.

Menchie the Cat as a Princess, And a Doctor

Halloween 2019 Memories
SimplyNailogical/Instagram, SimplyNailogical/Youtube

YouTube legend Cristine aka Simplynailogical, loves pressing her cats in pet costumes every year. And Halloween 2019 was no different! This time around, Cristine picked a bunch of extremely adorable costumes. However, the top two, by far, were her cats’ princess outfit and doctor’s uniform, which matched Cristine’s nurse costume. Doctor, I think I need a check-up!

Kermit and Peach as Woody and Buzz Lightyear

Pet Costumes Halloween 2019
Jenna Marbles/YouTube

Once again, Jenna Marbles snagged everyone’s hearts. Every year, the famous YouTuber enjoying picking out pet costumes for her two dogs. Last year, her two Italian Greyhounds, Kermit and Peach, went as beautiful mermaids. This year, they went as Woody and Buzz from the Pixar film Toy Story. From the way they posed so nicely, you can tell the two dog BFFs truly love their mom. And their mom loves them, look at how well their costumes fit. Also, Buzz’s wings light up!

Dougal the Doggo as Harry Potter

Halloween 2019 Memories

This costume makes us wonder why there were no dogs in the Harry Potter films!  Dougal the Doggo’s, from the UK, mom dressed him up as the Boy Who Lived, aka Harry Potter. This pup’s mom floods Instagram with adorable pics of him and his sister Lady, like this one.

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