California Girl Uses Baseball Cards To Spread Joy After Losing Hers In Wildfire

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Little Girl Baseball Cards California Wildfires
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Sadly, in 2020, many have had to deal with much more than the coronavirus. For instance, the state of California needed to battle devastating wildfires. Unfortunately, during one blaze, a little girl lost her beloved baseball cards. Now, however, she’s found a way to give to those less fortunate, despite losing it all…

25,000 Baseball Cards

Reese Osterberg Buster Posey
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Nine-year-old Reese Osterberg lost more than her house in a recent California wildfire. She also lost the thing that meant the most to her: her baseball card collection. Along with two of her best friends, Grayson and Emmet, she had collected the cards for some time. Almost every day, the three talk about baseball, despite rooting for different teams (Osterberg like the Giants, while Grayson and Emmet support the Dodgers). So, as you might expect, the kids’ hearts broke when they lost the cards. Thankfully, their sadness did not last long.

When the children’s story broke on local news, baseball cards started coming in from all around the world! Baseball fans also sent bobbleheads and autographed balls! The most significant donation came from Kevin Ashford in the Bay Area, who packed up all his 25,000 and shipped them to the children. Still, the biggest surprise likely came from a celebrity: Giants player Buster Posey called the trio! The former MVP told Osterberg, a major Posey fan, to keep her head up during the hard times. No doubt she will now! How can she not, with a bigger collection than ever? “I had a binder of cards at first,” Osterberg said, “and now it’s 25,000.”

Believe it or not, the donations did not end there! Soon enough, baseball card producer Topps shipped Osterberg 14 boxes of cards that weighed 526 pounds. Within just a few weeks, the Ostenberg family had more cards than fit inside their 1,000-square-foot cabin, where they’re currently staying. “We’ve been blessed,” Reese’s father, Sean, said. Thankfully, he and Reese came up with a fantastic idea for the extra cards…

Giving Back To Kids In Need

Little Girl Baseball Cards California Wildfires
Mike Oz/Yahoo Sports

What did Sean and Reese do with the baseball cards? Well, as it turns out, this is not the first time the Osterbergs have faced a deadly challenge. When Reese was a small child, she battled a heart condition, which required a hospital stay. After the fire and baseball cards, those memories came back. “When I was in the hospital, people gave me things that made me happy,” the nine-year-old said. “So I want to give [others] things that make them happy.”

So, the father and daughter team decided to call families with other baseball loving kids and divide the extra cards between them. In total, 13 children received hundreds of cards! Still, that’s only a small fraction of the additional cards. Coronavirus has made it pretty challenging to hand-deliver items. As a result, the rest of the cards will go to a special project called Cards from Reese. Over the next year, the Osterberg family will donate the cards to baseball-loving children in the hospital. Know one? Head on over to to find out more!

Thanks to her baseball cards, Reese Osterberg taught the entire world an important lesson: even though something terrible happens to you, it does not mean you can’t find the silver lining and help others!

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