Here Are Some Of The Best Celebrities’ New Year’s Resolutions

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Celebrity New Year's Resolutions 2019
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New year, new you. And new resolutions! Some of us decide our New Year’s resolutions right as the ball drops, while some start working on their resolutions months ahead. While its true you can make a change any day of your life, it’s always nice to get the new year started off on the right foot. And just like us, celebrities make New Year’s resolutions as well. Here are some of our favorite stars’ New Year’s resolutions for 2019 – do any of them match yours?

Jada Pinkett-Smith

Celebrity New Years Resolutions 2019 Jada Pinkett-Smith
Jada Pinkett-Smith/Instagram

Resolution: Hit the gym more and more self-love.

Okay, okay, that’s everyone’s New Year’s resolution! But for Jada Pinkett-Smith it’s more than a simple goal: living well is her job as well as her passion. The TV host and actress, along with her mother and daughter, invited bloggers to the first 2019 episode her Facebook Watch show. There, she announced her resolution, shared some words of wisdom and encouragement, and showcased some easy at-home workouts. “Taking care of your body in the way in which you want is an act of self-love,” Pinkett-Smith said.

John Mayer

Celebrity New Year's Resolutions 2019 2019 John Mayer
John Mayer/Instagram

Resolution: Thoughtfully consume news.

Over the holiday, John Mayer uploaded a few of his resolutions to his Instagram story, sharing what he wanted to work on in the new year. One of his New Year’s resolutions is to become a more thoughtful, mindful consumer of news. He wrote, “When reading news, take in only what happened, not the think space around what happened. Do this only once for each incident.”

But obviously, the always joking Mayer added a bunch of other resolutions dripping with self-humor, like “To get a girlfriend,” or the best one: “Write songs about new girlfriend.” Good luck with the news, and good luck with the girls, John!

Lea Michele

Celebrity New Years Resolutions 2019 Lea Michele
Lea Michele/Instagram, Bravo

Resolution: Watch less reality television.

Lea Michelle admitted during an E! News interview that she’d become addicted to The Real Housewives of New Jersey. And for 2019, the former Glee star vowed to stop catching re-runs on the Bravo channel, because she “watched an episode 45 times and already knows what they’re going to say!”

However, the actress was very clear to E! that she’ll only be skipping the re-runs. No one can expect her to miss the new episodes!

Amy Schumer

Celebrity New Year's Resolutions 2019 Amy Schumer
Amy Schumer/Instagram

Resolution: Continue supporting women.

Amy Schumer is one of the funniest, most popular comedians in Hollywood. She’s also known for being very supportive of women’s rights, as well as showing women’s support of each other. The comedian took to Instagram and wrote, “Women, we are amazing and our love for each other is so deep. Let’s continue to link arms this year and move forward. All of us.”

2019 will undoubtedly be a big year for Schumer, as she is pregnant and expecting a child in the spring!

Nicole Kidman

Celebrity New Years Resolutions 2019 Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman/Instagram

Resolution: Add less sweetener to coffee.

It’s hard to believe, but talented and beautiful Nicole Kidman, is, well, just like us. And she loves adding sweeteners to her coffee, and specifically, Coffee Mate. Kidman wouldn’t drink it without it – “I love flavored coffee,” she admitted in an interview with E! and rolled her eyes and smiled. But for 2019, her new year’s resolution is to add less, because she knows it’s bad for her.

Good luck, Nicole, and to everyone attempting new goals in the coffee department. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have to go make a third pot of coffee…