This Month, Coors Light Will Cover Dog Adoption Fees Across The U.S.

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Coors Light Adoption Fees

Its February, which only means one thing: Valentine’s Day! And although the holiday only lasts one day, many people use the whole month to show their friends and family just how much they love them. However, this Valentine’s Day, you can make a difference and show some love to another species: dogs! Last month, beer manufacturer Coors Light announced they will cover a thousand people’s dog adoption fees in February 2020. They want to encourage everyone to help our furry friends find a forever home and also raise awareness about the number of animals that need homes…

“There Are So Many Dogs Looking For Love”

Coors Light Adoption Fees
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Chelsea Parker, a marketing manager at Molson Coors, announced the move in a press release. “With almost half of millennials planning to stay in on Valentine’s Day, we wanted to help empower people to savor the day with Coors Light and a dog by their side,” it read.

“There are so many dogs looking for their person and have unconditional love to give,” said another representative, to CNN. “So this effort was a natural extension to Coors Light’s latest ad campaign, which features a woman who’s choosing to skip cuffing season and chill with her dog and a cold beer instead.”

So, how does all of this work? Coors Light shared their terms and conditions on their website. You have to be over the age of 21 and adopt from a shelter between February 4 to February 21. Then, the first thousand people eligible will need to text the receipt of the adoption fee, and Coors Light will refund you, up to $100. However, this operation isn’t available in California, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia, or West Virginia.

Ways You Can Help Out

Coors Light Adoption Fees
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Of course, the most important part of Coors Light’s “coupon” is raising awareness. Even though they will cover the cost fees of a thousand pups, millions of animals will still need homes afterward. The company hopes that, while they can’t cover everyone’s adoptions, hopefully, the news will get more to adopt!

According to ASPCA, over 6.5 million animals enter shelters every year, half of which are euthanized. Almost every city has an active animal shelter where you can adopt from. However, if you cannot adopt, for whatever reason, there are many ways to help shelters and our furry friends! Some people foster pets – this way, there are more available enclosures for new animals to come in. The animal gets to sleep in a warm home, interact with humans, and gets lots of love. The fosterers may upload cute photos to their social media, which helps the pet get adopted – if the foster doesn’t fall in love with the animal and decides to give it its forever home.

Another great way to help shelters is to volunteer. Whether it’s helping with cleaning the cages, taking dogs out for walks, helping manage the shelter’s social media accounts, raise funds, donating money, food, blankets, medicine – the ways to pitch in are so vast, and almost anyone could give a hand.

Here’s a link to Coors Light information about the adoption fees; here‘s a list of local shelters for you to find the one near you and start helping out!

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