Coronavirus: A Good News Roundup

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There’s no doubt about it, the world is filled with bad news right now. However, even amid a global pandemic, there are spots of positivity. From xxx to celebrities helping out, here are some desperately needed pieces of good news…

Amidst The Coronavirus: Some Good News

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As you likely know, in this current coronavirus pandemic, it’s essential to socially distance right now. By social distancing, everyone can help flatten the curve and help slow the spread of COVID-19. Thankfully, it seems that most Americans are taking stay-at-home orders seriously. According to a recent NBC poll, 93 percent of Americans surveyed said that they were “maintaining distance from other people,” and 91 percent said that they were “staying home as much as possible.”

Meanwhile, hundreds of labs, all around the world, are working night and day to find a vaccine. In fact, at the end of last month, Kaiser Permanente Washington Research Institute in Seattle held the world’s first clinical trials for a potential vaccine. However, it’s important to remember that finding and approving a vaccine will likely take at least a year. So, for the time being, social distancing, self-isolation, and mass testing remain the best methods of defeating the coronavirus.

Unfortunately, according to the current data, it seems the elderly are hardest hit by the coronavirus. Thankfully, in life, nothing is set in stone. Last week, in the Netherlands, a 101-year-old-woman with COVID-19 made a full recovery and went home. “She is a tough lady, and it’s great to see her following the medical advice, like sneezing in her elbow and even telling me to keep a proper distance,” pulmonologist Sunil Ramlal said. He also called the recovery “a spark of hope.”

Giant Brands: We’re Pitching In

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The good news does not end in the hospitals. After WHO declared coronavirus a pandemic, plenty of companies around the world stepped up to help how they could. For some, that meant closing or telling customers to socially distance. For others, it meant joining the national effort to defeat the virus.

Massive fashion powerhouses like LVMH – the luxury conglomerate which operate dozens of brands such as Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, and more – who announced they would stop making perfumes and instead produce 12 tons of hand sanitizer a week for French health agencies and hospitals. Giant clothing chain Zara also stepped up, switching production to lab coats and face masks!

Meanwhile, in the United States, giant car company Ford stopped production on certain cars and parts, and began producing ventilators! Elon Musk directed his companies, Tesla and SpaceX, to do the same. The same day, Fanatics, the company that makes all the uniforms for Major League Baseball, began making gowns, lab coats, and masks for hospitals. And these are just a few! All around the world, companies are pitching in to help how they can during the coronavirus pandemic!

Donations By Celebrities

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Of course, while multi-billion dollar companies have a ton of sway, celebrities can also help out tremendously in times of crisis. And many have been! Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos reportedly donated $1 million to New York City in aid of purchasing ventilators and other much-needed supplies. Late-night host Jimmy Fallon, as well as Justin Timberlake, Ryan Reynolds, and Blake Lively, have donated to Feeding America and encouraged their audiences to do the same. While Elton John hosted a benefit concert last week, Lady Gaga announced she would host one on April 18th. The show, titled One World: Together at Home, will also feature performances by Paul McCartney and John Legend.

NBA stars have also been giving back. Athletes Zion Williamson and Giannis Antetokounmpo, as well as other team owners, vowed to cover salaries for at least 30 days of the arena employees, as the NBA league is on hiatus until the danger is over. Other players are donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to local relief funds – like Rudy Gobert, who was infected by the virus. Hopefully, this has brought a little light into your day!

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