Dad Finds Clever Way To Spend The Holidays With His Flight Attendant Daughter

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Father Daughter Flight Attendant Christmas
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Even though it’s nearly Valentine’s Day, amazing Christmas stories just keep streaming in – and we never get tired of them. Hal Vaughn’s daughter, Pierce, is a busy flight attendant. Which means she is often working on Christmas, and 2018 was no exception. So Hal did something incredible: he booked tickets for multiple flights she worked on Christmas!

Despite the hectic schedule and Vaughan’s recent recovery from an injury, Vaughan and Pierce made it through the holidays, enjoying each other’s company. Here’s the heartwarming story of the Vaughans.

My Daughter, The Flight Attendant

Father Daughter Flight Attendant Christmas
The Express Tribune

Meet Hal Vaughan, who lives in Ohio. Much like everyone else, Christmas is his time to spend with loved ones – but sometimes, loved ones have to work! Vaughan’s daughter, Pierce, has been working for Delta Airlines for the past few years as a flight attendant and was on duty during this past Christmas. Vaughan knew it would be very difficult to see her, but still wanted to spend time with her – so he booked several flights, all of which Pierce was working on.

The trip wasn’t always easy for Vaughan; as he recently recovered from a neck injury, and struggled through the airports. But that never stopped him from enjoying Christmas with his daughter – in fact, he booked six flights in total!

“A Phenomenal Father”

Father Daughter Flight Attendant Christmas
Mike Levy/Facebook, Mike Levy/Facebook

Vaughan is a humble man who just wanted to spend Christmas with his daughter. The rest of the world discovered this heartwarming tale through Facebook. Vaughan and Mike Levy sat next to each other on a flight from Fort Myers, Florida, to Detroit, Michigan. The two chatted for a while before Vaughan shared his father-daughter-Christmas-flight plans. The father’s commitment touched Levy and he asked if he could share the story with the world. The Vaughns agreed, and soon it went viral.

Levy said, “I was amazed and thought he was such a phenomenal father for going well out of his way to be with his daughter. Pierce is very sweet. She definitely knows now how great her dad really is.”

Levy’s post quickly went viral, with readers sharing it thousands of times. In the post, Levy wrote, “I had the pleasure of sitting next to Hal on my flight back home. His daughter Pierce was our flight attendant who had to work over Christmas. Hal decided he would spend the holiday with her. So, he is flying on each of her flights today and tomorrow around the country to spend time with his daughter for Christmas.” Levy added at the end of the post, “What a fantastic father.”

Crisscrossing The Country At 30,000 Feet To Spend Christmas Together

Father Daughter Flight Attendant Christmas
Delta Airlines

Papa Vaughan did not expect the post to spread and get so much love this quickly. His daughter Pierce also shared the post, adding “a special thanks to all of the patient, wonderful gate agents around the country and my perfect crew.”

After the story went viral, Delta Airlines also responded with their sweet message. “We appreciate all of our employees for working during the holidays to serve Delta customers, and love seeing this awesome Dad having the chance to spend Christmas with his daughter — even while crisscrossing the country at 30,000 feet.”