Doctors Protest for Bikini Pictures in Viral Social Media Challenge

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Doctors Bikini Protest
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Sometimes, scientists study the strangest things. Recently, a study came out stating that its unprofessional, aka a detriment to the workplace, for doctors to have bikini pictures on their social media pages. As you might expect, female doctors around the world did not appreciate the study. And many took to social media to announce their displeasure…

The Questionable Study

Doctors Bikini Pictures

The study in question first appeared in the Journal of Vascular Surgery last year. According to the study, “patients may choose their hospital, doctor or medical facility based, in part, on how professional a doctor’s publicly available social media content appears.” Meanwhile, according to the study, bikini pictures ranked as unprofessional as Halloween costumes, drinking photos, or posts using profanities. However, doctors disagreed! Especially female ones! Now, many women MDs are protesting by posting bikini pictures on social media.

Dr. Victoria Dooley (@DrDooleyMD on Twitter), seen in the picture above, was one of the doctors to start the fabulous #MedBikini challenge. She looks simply great in the pool – not unprofessional! “Apparently it’s unprofessional for doctors to post social media pics wearing bikinis and drinking alcohol, so here’s me doing both. #MedBikini,” she wrote captioned her photo. “Also deemed unprofessional, profanity and political talk, but these dudes can [expletive] off because health care should be free at the point of care.”

Proud To Wear A Bikini!

Doctors Bikini Protest

Dr. Karen Estefany, @thekinkymedgirl on social media, also joined in on the #MedBikini challenge. She explained that her morals or ability to do her job do not change when she puts on a bathing suit. “If you have a problem with that, there’s the door. Nobody tells me what I can/can’t wear since I’m in health care, like this see-through set I’m wearing,” she tweeted.

Even older nurses and doctors got in on the fun! “Ha! Found a selfie in a bikini. To the 28 year old “researcher” who says this is unprofessional for women doctors, I’m old enough to be your grandmother. #MedBikini” wrote Dr. Trisha Greenhalgh (@trishgreenhalgh) while posting a bikini picture over two decades old.

Many men responded by applauding their female colleagues. In fact, Dr. Mudit Chowdhary (@DrChowdharyMD on Twitter), a male doctor from Rush Medical, was one of the first to notice the horrible study and call it out. “If you are a true #heforshe then you must speak up against this disturbing study. Three men created fake social media accounts to purposefully spy on applicants. Worse they are shaming our women physician colleagues for wearing bikinis,” he wrote on Twitter.

Public Response From Research Doctors

Doctors Bikini Pictures

After the challenge and many questioning the study, the doctors behind it issued a statement. A few weeks later, Dr. Jeff Siracuse, the researcher who led the original study, explained the idea behind it. He said that there was no ill intent, but instead that he wanted to “empower surgeons to be aware and then personally decide” what is professional. “However, this was clearly not the result. We were wrong not to have considered the inherent gender bias and have certainly learned from this experience. I am sorry that we made our young surgeons feel targeted and that we were judgmental,” Siracuse wrote in a tweet.

Thankfully, the powerful people in scrubs got what they truly deserved – appreciation and respect. In the end, it doesn’t matter what they do when they’re out of the office, as long as they save lives.

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