Owning A Dog Helps Reduce The Risk Of Cardiac Episodes

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Owning A Dog Cardiac Episodes
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Breaking Swedish research shows that owning a dog can actually reduce the risk of cardiac episodes! The study took over ten years to complete and the help of over 300,000 health-conscious participants, but the results were incredible…

Massive Research Done

Owning A Dog Cardiac Episodes
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Does anyone really need another reason to want to own a dog? They’re perfect little angles on four legs, just as they are! However, the American Heart Association released some information about a Swedish study that gave us all another great reason to want to own a furry friend.

The study, which took place between 2001 to 2011, focused on 300,000 cardiac patients from two categories: people who had suffered from a heart attack or had suffered an ischemic stroke. The lead researcher, Tove Fall, also decided to focus on people living alone versus people living with partners, kids, or pets. And the news is fantastic! According to the research, homes without dogs have twenty percent more chance of suffering a second cardiac within five years of the first cardiac episode!

Owning A Dog and Cardiac Episodes

Owning A Dog Cardiac Episodes

The researchers proved that owning a dog reduces the risk of a second cardiac episode by up one third! However, dogs do more than just prevent cardiac episodes. They also help save lives! According to the study, dog owners who had cardiac events have 65 percent less chance of dying from a heat-related illness than heart patients without dogs.

Interestingly, the study might also show that the key is not just dogs but socialization in general. For instance, single-person households actually received double the benefits of a dog as a two or more person-household. Companionship is crucial, and the dog provided that essential health benefit. Other research has shown that people with heart problems often become less social and more reclusive. Having a canine friend seems to help drastically, and for good reasons: a dog needs walks to the park, trips to the vet, demands attention, and so on. In short, they require the owner to socialize more.

Furry Friends: A Natural Remedy

Owning A Dog Cardiac Episodes
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Of course, the health benefits of owning a dog do not end there. Having a furry friend, according to lots of research, improves your life in many ways. It improves physical health, as dogs need to be walked; they also improve mental health and help people socialize. Meanwhile, other studies have shown that owning a dog could even improve work performance!

Many studies have proven the health benefits of owning a dog. However, what makes the Swedish research so astounding is the amount of data that was collected: hundreds of thousands of patients, over ten years, and covering dozens of different factors. Then, it also took a few good years to analyze it all and retrieve the final conclusions.

Obviously, once the research was published, online users weren’t shocked. People shared the paper on their social media profiles, with one user writing, “Looking after my sister’s dog. My resting heart rate has dropped by ten beats in 3 weeks.” So, what are you waiting for? Go to the local dog shelter and adopt a friend for life – we need them as much as they need us!

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