Girl Scouts Uniform Receives First Makeover In 20 Years

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New Girl Scouts Uniform 2020
Girl Scouts USA

Listen up Girl Scouts young and old, there’s a new reason to feel excited – and its not a new badge. For the first time in 20 years, the Scouts uniform will receive its first up to become more inclusive, stylish, and functional than ever before. Read on to take a sneak peek before they’re rolled out later this year…

The New Uniform

Scout Uniform
Girl Scouts USA

Just like everything the Girl Scouts do, plenty of women had a hand in creating these new uniforms. A team of talented women from the Fashion Institute of Technology worked hard on the new collection. In the end, they made something not only stylish but also adorable. The entire new line includes all the classics, from a new vest, sash, pants, and 17 other beautiful pieces that nearly everyone will love! Meanwhile, current Scouts will love the look of modern pieces like hoodies with zippers, jogger pants, and even spandex leggings! The line also includes super comfortable cargo pants, knitted skater dress, and even a denim jacket! Of course, to include everyone, the entire line comes in everything from extra small to 3XL.

Fashion Institute of Technology students Jenny Feng, Melissa Posner, and Nidhi Bhasin, a former Scout herself, created the designs by first talking to current Scouts! Then, they worked with them every step of the way on the new designs. “Before and during the design process, we consulted with current Girl Scouts to see what they wanted to wear. We felt the Girl Scout uniform and other affiliated clothing needed to reflect more of the trends of the current time,” said Posner. “Girl Scouts really helped strengthen my self-confidence and encouraged me to pursue my interests,” Bhasin said in the same statement.

Inspiring Girl Scouts Everywhere

New Girl Scouts Uniform 2020
Girl Scouts USA

As any designer can tell you, teens these days prefer their clothes comfortable and functional over stylish, so Feng, Posner, and Bhasin worked had to make that happen. They also wanted designs that would make everyone feel valued and included. As such, they talked to a variety of Scouts from around the country, listening to everything they had to say. Finally, the designers wanted to stay green! These outfits have almost no excess clothing waste!

Meanwhile, the Scouts organization could not feel more excited about the new designs. “With this collection, our shared goal was to not only design trendy attire but also make sure that girls would feel inspired, proud and powerful while wearing each piece. Today’s Girl Scouts are the next generation of leaders, so we needed to make sure they dress the part so they can continue to take on the world!” they said in the release statement.

Of course, this is far from the first time the Scouts have worked with incredible designers. In the past, companies like Mainbocher and Halston, as well as designers like Bill Blass and Diane von Furstenberg, have worked with the Girl Scouts on uniforms. However, this is the first time designers have worked with current Scouts so closely. “Ultimately, we want girls to feel proud to wear their Girl Scout uniform and apparel everywhere they go!” Bhasin concluded.

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