Grandma Told She Was ‘Too Old’ For A Dog Gets The Sweetest Surprise

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Grandma Is Told She's Too Old For Dog
Andriu Hijar

One grandmother felt incredibly eager to give a new home to a needy puppy. However, those at the animal shelter told her she was too old to take home a dog. That’s right! Thankfully, the family of this grandma came up with a heartwarming surprise to lift her spirits!

Grandma Is “Too Old” To Adopt!

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Andriu Hijar

Andriu Hijar could not believe what happened to his 76-year-old grandma. A few weeks ago, she felt extremely excited to adopt another dog with her husband. Unfortunately for the grandmother, who wishes to remain nameless, became a focal point during her adoption trials. One request after another, Grandma Hijar faced full-on rejection and the reason was always the same: the shelters said that the woman was too old to adopt a new pet. How horrible! As you might imagine, her family could hardly believe the news.

“In the end, they rejected them because of their age,” Andriu Hijar said. “It made me sad. They are a very loving couple, but were being denied something they were very excited about.” Thankfully, Andriu would not stand by as animal shelters judged her grandmother not for the right reasons, but because of her age. Andriu hoped and hoped that something would change. Suddenly, it did! While scrolling through Facebook, Andriu saw an post about someone from Peru wanting to find homes for their puppy. Immediately, Andriu thought of her grandma. Just a few messages later, and the ball had started rolling…

Receiving A Dog As A Surprise

Grandma Is Told She's Too Old For Dog
Andriu Hijar

When Andriu Hijar told her story to the Peruvian man, even he had a hard time understanding why shelters would not allow her grandmother to adopt a puppy. “He agreed to give the puppy to us, knowing that my grandparents were going to take care of her and love her very much,” Andriu said. “My dad went with my grandfather to pick her up.” Now, grandma has a puppy, named Princesa. As you might imagine, Andriu’s grandmother nearly break down upon receiving the puppy. “I was very moved to see her reaction,” Andriu said. “It was very emotional seeing her so happy and full of joy.”

Now, the story has gone viral! As a result, Andriu and her grandmother hope that all readers understand the the elderly woman will love Princesa with all her heart. Age does not change that at all! As for the dog, her love knows no age, and she’ll adore granny as long as it’s possible. Until then, the two are never leaving each other’s side. Her granddaughter also urges people to adopt, not shop. “Adopting changes your life,” Andriu said. “If a family is ready and with open arms to welcome the little one, then go ahead. That little animal will be eternally thankful for having a family.”

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