A Grandpa’s Note Left On A Bucket Of Baseballs Will Touch Your Heart

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Grandpa Bucket Baseballs Note Grandfather

Not too long ago, one grandpa frequently played baseball with his son and grandson. However, as time went on and everyone grew older, the games became less frequent. So, the grandfather decided to leave his baseballs behind for others to use, along with a touching note…

A Message on A Bucket of Baseballs

Randy Long Ethan Anderson

These days, grandfather Randy Long misses pitching baseballs to his son and grandson. But, as his grandson, Ethan Anderson, is now in his twenties, the three never play anymore. So, when Long realized his days of family baseball were behind him, he decided to gift his bucket of baseballs to others. Last week, Long went down to his local batting cages and left the baseballs behind, along with a touching note.

“Hope someone can use some of these baseballs in the batting cages. I found them cleaning my garage. I pitched them to my son and grandson for countless rounds,” the note read. “My son is now 46 y/o and my grandson is 23 y/o. I am 72 and what I won’t give to pitch a couple of buckets to them. They have both moved away. If you are a father cherish these times. You won’t believe how quickly they will be gone. God bless. P.S. Give them a hug and tell them you love them every chance you get.”

Long thought no one would ever no what he did. However, his wife had other plans entirely…

Going Viral

Grandpa Bucket Baseballs Note Grandfather
Ethan Anderson/Twitter

While Long prepared to take the baseballs to the local batting cages, his wife managed to snap a picture of the note. Of course, afterward, she immediately sent the photo to Anderson and his father. When the grandson received the message from his grandmother, he almost cried. Overcome with emotion, Anderson decided to share the message on his Twitter.

“My grandad left an old bucket of balls at the batting cages we used to go to with this note on them,” Anderson captioned the photos of the balls and note. “I’m not crying, you’re crying.” With just a few hours, his post had traveled all over the internet, earning over 30,000 retweets! Anderson confessed that while he does see and talk to his grandparents often, he had no idea that his grandpa missed the old days. So, the young man set up another game in their home town of Montgomery, Alabama!

“He’s very excited,” Anderson stated.

Returning To The Cages

Randy Long Ethan Anderson

When Anderson tried to explain the viral post to his grandpa, it simply went over his head. “He was just trying to give away some free baseballs,” Anderson said later, chuckling. Only after the local news contacted the family did Long realize what it all meant! “He was like, ‘Wow, this is crazy,'” Anderson said.

While Long might not care about the internet, the internet truly cares for him. “I’ve had a lot of kids younger than me telling me they’ll cherish the times they have in the cages with their dads or grandads,” Long explained. “How they won’t take it for granted anymore.” Likewise, Anderson has also changed his attitude towards batting cages. “I was the same way when I was younger, sometimes I didn’t really want to go to the cages but now looking back on it, it was some really good memories,” he said. “I just hope everyone can kind of take away they need to cherish those moments while they have them.”

As you might expect, Anderson also posted an update after the family’s reunion game. “Made the trip back and I have to say… the old man still got it,” he wrote. Such a happy ending!

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