Railway Workers Discovered An Adventures Puppy On Busy Morning Train

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Irish Rail Hamish Puppy
Irish Press Association

Hamish, an adorable Irish Terrier, recently decided to go on an adventure! He took off, boarding a busy train heading to Dublin. Soon, thousands around the globe pitched in to help Hamish find his parents. Here’s the sweet, amazing story of one adventurous dog…

A Puppy On Board

Irish Rail Hamish Puppy

Filmmakers could easily turn this wonder dog story into a box-office smash. Last month, a young Irish Terrier puppy managed to board a commuter train all by himself! The Terrier climbed aboard a train heading from Dublin to Kildare in Ireland, right in the middle of rush hour. Astonished railway workers discovered the lost pup after 30 minutes of wandering in the Dublin main station.

The workers decided to name the puppy “Hamish,” possibly after the famous “cat about town” from Scotland. They didn’t just name him, however. They also took him and began spreading the word, hoping to find his owners. Unfortunately, Hamish did not have a microchip. So, National Rail launched an online campaign to try and find the pup’s owner. They tweeted out of a picture of Hamish on Twitter (above) and asked their followers to “help find Hamish’s home!”

A Viral Campaign To Locate The Owners

Irish Rail Hamish Puppy
RTE News/Twitter

The story even made it to local news, with everybody pitching in to help and find the puppy’s owners. RTE News tweeted, “Looking for a lead: IrishRail staff are trying to sniff out the owner of an intrepid dog who boarded a commuter train from Co Kildare to Dublin today.”

As the day progressed, the railway workers kept Hamish safe until they found his owner. They made sure he had food, water, and shelter. Workers also played fetch and took him out on walks around the train station! Meanwhile, users from around the world continued to share Hamish’s story. Many of those who spread the story around also offered to adopt Hamish if his owners did not turn up.

A Happy Ending

Irish Rail Hamish Puppy

By evening, the train station could still not locate Hamish’s owners. Worse still, puppies cannot stay in the train station alone. In short, time was running out. A Lovely Horse – an animal rescue organization – had agreed to take Hamish for the night and take care of him. The organization is very busy, so Hamish had plenty of friends and good people taking care of him.

Thankfully, the next morning, the viral campaign finally paid off. They found Hamish’s owners! That morning, the owner contacted the train station and headed over to pick up his friend. The owner later said the pup, really named Tyson, ran off during home renovations. However, this might not be the first time. An Irish band named Hotel on Mars claimed this adventurous puppy pulled this stunt off before! The same day they tweeted, “he appeared @hotelonmars HQ a while back and was reunited with his owners in Sallins, can’t seem to contact them now.”

Thankfully, the worried owners microchipped Tyson after reuniting with the dog. They also thanked everyone who helped them find their lost puppy.