Prince Harry And Duchess Meghan Are Leaving Kensington Palace For Frogmore Cottage

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Frogmore Cottage

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle are, without a doubt, one of the most well-known couples in the world. As beloved, internationally famous British royals, rumors constantly hound the newlyweds. However, we’ve now received confirmation about the future residence of the couple. They will, in fact, be moving from Kensington Palace in early 2019 to Frogmore Cottage.

What is Frogmore Cottage and where is it located? Read on to find out!

Leaving The Castle

Megan Markle Frogmore Cottage

Meghan’s current pregnancy was not the only thing causing royal rumors all over the world. There were also whispers flying all over the place regarding Meghan and Harry’s future residence. It was finally confirmed last week by Kensington Palace that the young couple will move to Frogmore Cottage, which a huge home, located on the Windsor Estate. For those not in the know, the Windsor Estate is on the western outskirts of London, roughly an hour away from Kensington Palace.

In case you were wondering, many royals live in the massive Kensington Palace. The Queen and Prince Phillip reside there, naturally. Among other residents are Prince William and Kate, as well as Princess Eugenie and new-husband Jack Brooksbank.

Frogmore cottage is a ten-bedroom residence in need of a serious repair. The royal staff have been hard at work on it, in order to turn it into a suitable royal home for the little family, as well as securing it and making sure it’s the safest place for the couple, as well as their child.

The History of Frogmore Cottage

Megan Markle Frogmore Cottage
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While most royals live in Kensington Palace, Prince Harry and Duchess Megan will not be the first royals to reside in Frogmore Cottage. Previous royals residents include Queen Victoria’s mother, the Duchess of Kent and Queen Charlotte. It was built in the 1680s and was given its name because of the many frogs on the property! Nowadays, the Queen gave the property to Prince Harry and Meghan and blessed their decision to move out. As to why the couple will not reside in Kensington Palace – no official statement was made. Prince Harry and Meghan’s primary office will still be in the palace, though.

Reports say the couple always loved Frogmore Cottage; they chose their engagement photos to be taken there as well as their wedding dinner. They might want a private residence, that is still safe and near to the palace. This will not be the first interesting decision Harry and Meghan have made together. Throughout their short royal duty work, the couple continues to break royal traditions. Perhaps Harry has the liberty to do so, as his older brother Prince William is ahead of him in line for the throne.

We eagerly anticipate the photos of the new residence and see what this young couple has in store for us next.