Hero Cop Single-Handedly Lifts Overturned Car Off Woman

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Deputy Jon Holt of Gloucester County
Kim Robins/Gazette-Journal

When arriving on the scene of a car accident, one police officer found a terrifying situation: a woman trapped under her car! However, this hero cop did not let that stop him. By himself, with his bare hands, the office lifted up the car and saved her life!

Hero Cop’s Daily Mission

Hero Cop Lifts Car Off Woman
Gloucester County Sheriffs Department/Facebook

Usually, cops have no idea what they’ll see when they arrive at an accident. However, this time around, Deputy Jon Holt of Gloucester County, VA, had some idea of what he would face. On May 7, he saw a car accident happen right in from of his eye – and knew he had to act fast! And after exiting his squad car, Holt found the situation even worse than he first imagined: a mother and child trapped inside the vehicle. “The driver was laying underneath the vehicle with her head pinned by the sunroof,” the Gloucester County Sheriff’s Office later wrote in a statement. “Seeing the trauma her child was witnessing, Deputy J. Holt went into overdrive.”

Incredibly, seemingly not concerned for their own safety, the child first asked Officer Holt to save their mother! “She can’t breathe. She can’t breathe. Please help,” the child yelled. Despite the situation at hand, the hero cop kept managed to stay in control. “She is trapped under the vehicle. I can’t get it off,” Holt told the child, before instructing them how to escape the rolled vehicle safely. Once he safely helped the child out of the car, Holt turned his attention to the mother. There was only one thing to do: with a massive breath and groan, Holt tried to lift the car with his bare hands. And guess what? He succeeded!

Lifting A Car With Bare Hands

Deputy Jon Holt of Gloucester County
Gloucester County Sheriffs Department/Facebook

“Through sheer will and determination due to fearing the female may succumb to her circumstance in front of her panic-stricken child, Deputy J. Holt took quick action and was able to physically lift the vehicle up enough for the driver to maneuver her head out to safety,” the Sheriffs Department continued. Deputy Holt’s strong hands managed to pull up the car so the woman could escape. Now, the woman has been reunited with her child and will recover in no time, all thanks to this police officer.

Believe it or not, it’s far from the first time Deputy Holt has been hailed as a hero cop. Only three months before lifting the car off the woman, he earned the Top Cop Award for the state of Virginia. “Deputy J. Holt recently accepted both the local and regional Top Cop Awards from the Greater Hampton Roads Regional Crime Line on February 2, 2021 for his commitment to public safety after saving the lives of 2 individuals from a burning house on the afternoon of March 24, 2020,” the Gloucester County Sheriff’s Office wrote at the time. Of course, they had no idea Holt would soon prove himself once again!

Next time someone needs help, Deputy Holt’s sure to help out!

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