Hero Teen Saves Drowning Child While On Disney World Vacation

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Hero Teen Saves Drowning Child At Walt Disney World
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One teenager went on a family vacation to Walt Disney World, thinking nothing strange would happen. However, by the end, she had jumped into a pool and saved a drowning child! Read on to discover the incredible story about this hero teen…

Hero Teen Notices Something Wrong

Kaydence Henslee DisneyWorld Accidents

Without a doubt, Walt Disney World’s hotels and theme parks are some of the safest in the world. However, even in the safest places in the world, some dangerous things can occur. Kaydence Henslee, 13, from New Mexico, knows that first hand. She certainly will not forget her recent Disney World trip anytime soon! One day, at a nearby hotel, Henslee sat by the pool when she noticed something terribly wrong: an unconscious toddler floated in the pool. “I was scared and nervous and afraid, but my instincts kicked in,” the hero teen said. “I just saw her kind of floating. She wasn’t technically on the bottom when I was there.”

Later, Henslee and others would find out that the little girl, just three-years-old, was Haven Williams. Her mother, Ashley Williams, had left the pool for just a second. Sadly, in the blink of an eye, the worst had occurred. “I just remember seeing another woman run across and yell into the bar area for someone to call 911 because a baby had just drowned…I didn’t think it was my baby,” Ashley said later. Thankfully, Henslee had already dove into the pool. When the teenager tugged little Haven out of the water and Ashley saw her bathing suit, she realized it was her daughter! At that point, the toddler’s lips had already turned purple. Even worse, while Ashley works at a hospital, she felt too panicked to give her daughter CPR. So, once again, Henslee stepped up!

A Savior At Disney World

Hero Teen Saves Drowning Child At Walt Disney World
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It’s incredible how people can come together in times of need. Another healthcare worker at the pool helped talk Henslee through performing CPR. By the time the ambulance arrived, the hero teen had done it! Little Haven Williams had started waking up! “Even the doctors are saying that whoever got her out of the water did it at a perfect time because if she would have been under the water a little longer, it would have been a different outcome,” Ashley Williams said later. After just one day in the hospital, Haven recovered completely. Meanwhile, while many others do, Henslee does not consider herself a hero. “I knew it was the right thing to do to help someone out,” she said of her actions at Disney World.

Now, Haven and Henslee have kept in touch since the incident, becoming friends after their Disney trip. Henslee even made a friendship necklace for the little girl! “The fact that they can still celebrate a birthday this week, celebrate Easter and all the other holidays and see them grow up and maybe even have lifelong friends from New Mexico to their state,” Henslee’s father Matt stated. “I simply can’t express how proud I am of her.” Well said!

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