Washington Woman Finds Wedding Ring Inside Instant Pot On Christmas Day

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Instant Pot Wedding Ring
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Christmas morning in the Avery household went perfectly. Shiloah Avery received precisely what she wanted: a brand new Instant Pot. However, upon opening the gift, she discovered a wedding ring inside the box! Immediately, she took to Facebook to look for its rightful owner.

Here is the wonderful story of Shiloh and her quest to find the wedding ring’s owner…

An Unexpected Surprise Inside An Instant Pot

Instant Pot Christmas
Shiloah Avery/Facebook

Like many others, Shiloah Avery from Port Orchard, Washington opened her presents alongside her family on Christmas morning. One of them was an Instant Pot, which she’d wanted for a long time. Just like anyone who receives a present they really wanted, Avery immediately went to the kitchen to open the box. However, when she opened the kitchen appliance, she was shocked.

Inside, a wedding ring lay at the bottom of the box. It wasn’t a surprise proposal, as Avery is married with three kids. It was someone else’s wedding ring! A genuinely good person, Avery did the right thing and tried to contact the Instant Pot manufacturer, thinking it belonged to someone at the packing plant. However, it was Christmas day, and she would have to wait to hear back. So, Avery turned to social media and posted a heartfelt message about the ring she found.

Finding The Rightful Owner

Instant Pot Christmas Wedding Ring
Shiloah Avery/Facebook

Avery anxiously waited for the rightful owner of the ring to reach out to her. Hours passed, and nothing. But then, by the evening, JoAnn Johnson, who also lives in Port Orchard, contacted Avery. Johnson claimed that the ring belonged to her and that she lost it a week before. Avery wanted to make sure that the ring indeed belonged to Johnson, so Avery asked her to describe or sketch the ring. Johnson sent a picture, and quickly the two realized indeed it was Johnson’s wedding ring!

The two met, and Johnson received her lost wedding ring just before her 20th wedding anniversary. Overjoyed and touched by Avery’s actions, Johnson called her “such an honest person.”

A Christmas Miracle

Instant Pot Wedding Ring
JoAnn Johnson

The story has a happy ending, but a bizarre beginning. Many wanted to know how the ring ended up inside a brand-new Instant Pot in the first place. Well, Johnson shared that she and her husband went shopping for a new Instant Pot before Christmas at their local Walmart. They opened one of the boxes to measure the size of it – and that’s when she believes the ring fell inside. However, it took Johnson fifteen minutes to realize that her ring was missing! They retraced their steps across Walmart, as well as their entire day prior. But, as the story goes, we know they found nothing. Understandably, Johnson was devastated.

The Johnsons’, too, turned to Facebook, never giving up. Luckily, Johnson came across Avery’s Facebook post on Christmas day, and the rest is history.

Johnson said, “For Shiloah to find a ring and reach out in all the ways she could think of makes her an exceptional person to me. She is my Christmas angel. And having become friends with her through all this, she really is a sweetheart with a good heart!”