Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle’s Wedding Gown Maker Struggling to Feed Family

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Kate Middleton Gown Maker Starving
Catherine East

Remember the incredible wedding dresses that Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle wore at their royal weddings? Well, now the gown maker finds herself struggling to find her family! Read on to discover the tale of Chloe Savage…

Chloe Savage, Royal Dress Maker

Meghan Markle Royal Dress Designer Broke Coronavirus
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Chloe Savage from Warmley Village, Bristol, England, enjoyed huge success when she made the royal wedding gowns for both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. She ever worked on a garter! “All of the things that you don’t get to see!” Savage remembered, laughing.

Of course, during the design process, Savage met the women who would wear her gowns. She recalls Middleton being shy. “She was excited about the dress, nervous about the day, questioning what we were doing… all that sort of stuff,” the gown maker said. Furthermore, Middleton wanted only the most-experienced women to make her dress. “She didn’t pick up a needle herself..She didn’t trust herself not to bleed on the work!”

Markle’s gown was no easy task, either! Especially the veil, which featured tiny garden flowers sewn in. “It gave you snow blindness after an hour-or-so because you were constantly working white on white. You start to go a little bit cross-eyed after a while!” Savage said about the process. Sadly, Savage has now fallen on hard times.

Skipping Meals To Save Money

Kate Middleton Gown Maker Starving
Catherine East

However, the once royal dresser now struggles to feed her family. Like so many, she’s been hit hard by the coronavirus. “It’s been horrific,” Savage said. “We’ve had all our work literally dry up. My 14-year-old daughter is skipping meals to save on the food budget.”

“The stress is getting to her and she is self-harming too. So, she’s now going to Child Mental Health Services (CAMHS) to get support,” Savage continued. As many expressed, it’s hard to see a graduate Royal School of Needlework in Hampton Court Palace and a royal wedding dress designer now facing all-out poverty. Thankfully, it does seem there is some hope for the family – and even a way you can help!

Moving Back To Parents’ House

Meghan Markle Royal Dress Designer Broke Coronavirus
Catherine East

While Savage also works in other projects, like theater, TV, and fashion work, it has nearly all departed since coronavirus. “In January and February, we started seeing a lot of our international contracts getting put on hold,” said the gown maker. “Work just disappeared. People like the National Trust very quickly said they would have to postpone our projects because they knew they were going to have a massive hole in their budget.”

After closing down her studio, Chloe Savage Embroidery, she took out a $30,000 loan for small businesses. Of course, with rent and bills always looming, it did not take long for the money to run out once again. “We are now in the position where we have to actually not pay our bills for the first time ever,” Savage explained. “You spend half the time phoning up agencies trying to grovel your way into reducing your bill or putting it on a monthly payment or spreading it over, just so you don’t get hit by the whole thing.”

Thankfully, filming on certain projects has resumed in Britain, which could supply Savage with desperately needed funds. “It might just keep us vaguely floating as long as nothing goes wrong,” she said. Meanwhile, fans of Savage have made a GoFundMe to support her and her family. If you’re doing okay this holiday season, why not help out, if you’d like to?

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