Lobster Diver Swallowed By A Humpback Whale – And Then Spat Back Out!

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Lobster Diver Swallowed By A Humpback Whale
WCVB Channel 5 Boston/YouTube

Those working in the waters of the ocean face extreme dangers every day. Just ask this lobster diver from Massachusetts: a humpback whale swallowed him whole and then spat him back out!

Lobster Diver’s Terrifying Experience

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Michael Packàrd, a lobster diver from Provincetown, Massachusetts, thought June 11 would be a typical working day. While he had encountered humpback whales before, nothing could have prepared him for that day. While swimming around, a humpback whale actually tried to eat him! As you might suspect, it did not feel great! Apparently, it felt like a “truck hit me and everything just went dark,” Packàrd recalled. At first, he thought a shark had bit him, but then, he “felt around, and I realized there was no teeth, and I had felt, really, no great pain.” That’s when everything clicked. “And then I realized, ‘Oh my God, I’m in a whale’s mouth. I’m in a whale’s mouth, and he’s trying to swallow me.”

Meanwhile, Packàrd’s co-workers could do nothing but watch in horror! “It took him from behind, and it seemed like it fully enveloped him immediately,” recalled Josiah Mayo, who works on Packàrd’s boat. As the animal moved its head, the lobster diver thought he had come to the end. Inside the whale’s mouth, he came to terms with his destiny, sure he would die…

Being Inside Humpback Whale

Lobster Diver Swallowed By A Humpback Whale
WCVB Channel 5 Boston/YouTube

Thankfully, Packàrd still had his gear on, which made him even harder to swallow! Soon enough, in about 30 seconds, the lobster diver found himself back in the ocean, out of the whale’s mouth. “I just got thrown out of his mouth, into the water — there was white water everywhere,” he said. “And I just was lying on the surface floating and saw his tail and he went back down. And I was like, ‘Oh my God, I got out of that. I survived.'”

In the end, Packàrd only had to pay for his crazy story with a few bruises and a dislocated knee later. His co-workers could barely believe he had survived the ordeal! “That’s kind of remarkable, and so we can only imagine the whale was probably feeding,” Mayo said. “I like to think of it as a teenager or a puppy. It probably doesn’t know what it’s doing too well.” And he’s probably right, as humpback whales have zero interest in eating humans. The humpback was probably fishing as usual, and Packàrd was simply in the way!

Of course, Packàrd felt so shocked by his experience that he needed to share it on Facebook. Believe it or not, despite his terrifying experience, the lobster diver will return to work as soon as he’s healed. Meanwhile, from surviving a plane crash to finding a missing person at sea, this is just another of the crazy tales Packàrd has in his back pocket. “A while back, I encountered the corpse of a missing person while diving,” he wrote, “that is definitely up there with the crazy stories.”

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