Mail Carrier Receives Sweetest Sendoff For Retirement

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Mail Carrier Public Sendoff Retirement
Mary Lou Zins

After nearly four decades of work, his mail carrier has decided to take some well-deserved time off and retire. However, before leaving, he received the loveliest sendoff from his customers. Read on to discover the good news story you need today…

Saying Goodbye to the Mail Carrier

Mailman Brett Wittwer from Cincinnati
Mary Lou Zins/Good Morning America

Mailman Brett Wittwer from Cincinnati, 69, has always loved his job. While that’s pretty impressive on its own, few love their jobs with all their hearts, Wittwer has also been at it for 35 years. That’s right! To him, there’s nothing more important than delivering important messages and special packages to his neighbors. However, now, after working for the United States Postal Service for nearly four decades, he has decided to hang the mailbag up. When his last day on March 26 began, he thought it would turn out just like any other. But his customers had something else planned! To show their appreciation for the mailman, the folks on his route decided to prepare a proper sendoff for Wittwer…

As Wittwer drove his route, he discovered retirement gifts waiting for him at many locations! “It was crazy,” the mail carrier said later. “It kind of brings a tear to your eye.” While he knows it’s time to leave the mail truck behind, Wittwer will undoubtedly miss seeing his regulars. “I probably won’t see most of these people ever again,” he said. “It’s kind of a strange feeling. I felt happy, but I felt sad.”

While the Cincinnati residents were certainly sorry to see Wittwer go, they wanted to make sure he remembered them forever! And all the gifts will ensure he will…

Retirement’s Not All Bad

Mail Carrier Public Sendoff Retirement
Mary Lou Zins/Good Morning America

One resident, Glenna Weber Stricklett, even hung a fabulous “Happy Retirement” banner up at the end of Wittwer’s route. She wanted to make sure that he knew just how much the community loved their mailman. At the very end, a few neighbors came out to congratulate Wittwer. “[The sendoff] just kind of came together,” she said. “And it’s a nice thing to do for people.” It is especially nice given how nice Wittwer was to them. You see, he wasn’t like other mail carriers. “Like if it was a rainy day, and we had something that was kind of large, he would bring it to the door,” Stricklett said. When she and her neighbors heard that Wittwer was retiring, Strickett knew they needed to do something. Soon enough, they had planned the wonderful sendoff over Facebook!

At first, Wittwer didn’t want to retire. But continually getting in and out of the car all day, as well as luging big boxes, made it hard to continue working at his age. Plus, Wittwer also wanted to spend time with his grandchildren, and most of their activities were on his working days. “It’s nice to not have a schedule,” the former mail carrier said. But the first big thing on his retirement plan? “Rest!” Happy retirement, mailman Brett Wittwer!

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