This Marine Did Something Incredible When He Noticed A “Lost Boy” In A 5K Race

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5K Marine Lost Boy

When they return home, servicemembers and veterans can become pillars in the community. Just take Marine Myles Kerr, for instance. Recently, this soldier made an amazing choice while running a 5K charity race in Michigan. He stopped running with his fellow servicemen and helped a young boy who became separated from his family.

The Marine Who Ran A 5K Charity Race And The Lost Boy

5K Veteran Lost Boy
Anne Kelly/Charlevoix Courier

Last week, the annual Jeff Drenth Memorial 5K charity run took place in Charlevoix, Michigan. As always, hundreds of participants arrived from all across the country. The runners also included Marine Myles Kerr and a young boy named Boden Fuchs. Lance Corporal Kerr was on a week leave from his base in Camp Pendleton in California. The 19-year-old soldier came to the charity run wearing his army uniform, gear, and boots, alongside other marines who intended to run together. Meanwhile, Fuchs came to run with his family., mostly for fun.

The race started off normally, with Kerr and his fellow servicemen making great time. However, the marine’s plans when he noticed nine-year-old Fuchs running by himself, looking lost and a little afraid. Kerr didn’t think twice and slowed down to speak to the child…

“Will You Run With Me?”

5K Marine Lost Boy

In the photo that became an overnight viral sensation, you can see the two running with each other, side-by-side. It’s clear Fuchs feels upset and lost – many parents have seen this same face on a lost child. Apparently, the young boy had become separated from his family during the first half of the 5K – Kerr was the only one who noticed and slowed down

The marine asked the boy, “Hey, are you all right?” to which Fuchs replied, “Will you run with me?” Kerr felt a bit surprised – but did not hesitate for a moment. Despite his prior plan to run with his fellow marines, Kerr knew the right thing to do was run by the boy’s side, regardless of where he finished in the race.

Kerr, The Humble Hero And Role Model

Kerr and Fuchs crossed the finish line side-by-side, some 35 minutes after they started running together. With the hearty marine’s non-stop encouragement, they made it, finish the 5K. That’s quite the accomplishment. The second they crossed the finish line, the Marine helped the boy find his family, who worried about him the entire race. Finally reunited, the family rejoiced and felt incredibly grateful to the soldier who made sure their son was not just all right, but also finished the race gracefully.

Kerr never wanted an acknowledgment or praise for his actions; he simply did what felt like the right thing to do. However, the Fuchs family bought him a $100 gift certificate for a restaurant. Still, the online attention and the media coverage came as quite the shock to the Marine. The photo touched the hearts of many, thousands of comments came in, calling him a “hero” and a “role model.” In response, Kerr said, “I don’t think I’m a hero. I was just trying to help.”

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