Maryland Woman Thanks Hero Who Found Son’s Wallet in Snow, Then Drove it to Her House

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Maryland Woman Thanks Hero Who Found Son's Wallet in Snow, Then Drove it to Her House
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Need a good story to boost your week? Well, meet the Maryland woman who experienced a wonderful start to 2022! After her son lost his wallet, a stranger returned it to the woman’s home without a second thought. Now she’s letting everyone know about the incredible human he is!

Maryland Woman and Her Savior

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Last week, Laura Degnon, a business owner from Maryland, and her family found themselves in quite a predicament. You see, her son, Jake, realized last Friday that he had misplaced his wallet on Thursday night. Like so many of us, Jake kept his entire life in his wallet: “quite a bit of Christmas money, college money, and of course his school ID, license, debit, and credit card.”

To make matters even worse, it snowed a few inches in their home town of Rockville, Maryland, making it all the more unlikely that they would ever find Jake’s wallet. However, that did not stop them from looking! “We shoveled so many places looking for it,” Laura recalled in a recent email to the website Good News Network. However, the family could not find the wallet anywhere. They had to accept what they thought was the truth: they would never find Jake’s wallet. But that turned out not to be true!

The next morning Laura got up early and started getting ready to say goodbye to Jake, before he headed back for classes at the University of South Carolina. Then, at around 8:00 AM, the family heard the doorbell rang. When Laura opened the door, she could not believe her eyes. “Much to my surprise a wonderful man by the name of Juan was standing there asking if Jake lived here,” she explained.

Receiving Son’s Wallet From A Hero

Maryland Woman Thanks Hero Who Found Son's Wallet in Snow, Then Drove it to Her House

Laura could not hold back her emotions. “I started to cry right away, and asked if he found his wallet, by chance,” she recalled in her email. As it turns out, Juan had also risen early on Saturday morning, getting ready for work. That’s when he discovered Jake’s wallet in the parking lot of the store where he works. It appears that Jake must have accidentally dropped it when he stopped there to buy a snack. Knowing how important a wallet is, Juan drove to the Degnon house to return the wallet.

The best part of all? Nothing was missing from the wallet! “What a great human!! Juan made my son’s day, and mine, more than he will ever know!,” Laura wrote in her email to the Good News Network. She also sent a message to Juan’s primary employer, Brightview Landscaping in Clarksburg, Maryland: “You have one hell of an employee.”

Of course, Laura also had a little something to say to Juan himself. “Thank you,” she told the man. “From the bottom of our hearts.” So next time you’re thinnking about doing something kind, do not hesitate! It might turn around someone’s entire day.

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