10 Years After He Sent A Message In A Bottle, His Letter Was Found On The Shores Of France

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10 Year Old Message In A Bottle
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In 2010, ten-year-old Max from Massachusetts sent a letter in a bottle across the ocean. After not hearing a reply in a couple years, he forgot all about it. Then, nearly a decade later, he finally recieved a reply! That’s when he discovered his bottle made it all the way to shores of France…

Sending A Message In A Bottle

Decade Old Message In A Bottle
Max Vredenburgh/NBC, Max Vredenburgh/Twitter

This story began back on August 21, 2010. That’s when ten-year-old Max Vredenburgh, from Massachusetts, decided to write a letter, put in in a glass bottle, and send it out to sea. The letter read, “Hello my name is Max. Who ever is reading this letter Please write back at…I’ll tell you a little bit about my self. I’m 10 years old, I like apples, I Like the beach, My favorite colors blue, I like animals, I like cars, and I like outer space. Please write back.”

After not hearing back for some time, Vredenburgh completely forgot about the letter. Over the years, he grew up and graduated high school. Today, Vredenburgh attends Suffolk University sophomore. Before November of 2019, he hadn’t thought about the message in a bottle in ages. Then, the college student received quite the letter in the post. It read: “I found your message in your bottle on October 10, 2019, on a beach in France.”

“Hello, I Found Your Message”

10 Year Old Message In A Bottle
Max Vredenburgh/Twitter

Max Vredenburgh felt utterly shocked. He never expected anyone to find his message in a bottle, let alone reply. And so, now 19-year-old Max took to Twitter to share the fantastic story. As it turns out, one Mr. G. Dubois, who lives in France, was strolling alongside a beach between Contis and Mimizan, when he found the nine-year-old bottle which traveled over 3,000 miles. At first, he thought he had simply found some trash. Thankfully, Dubois noticed the letter inside before throwing it away! Once the Frenchman read the letter, he knew he had to reply.

Dubois wrote, “Hello, I found your message in your bottle on October 10, 2019, on a beach in France, between Contis and Mimizan. According to your date, August 21, 2009, it will have taken 9 years to cover the 6000kms that separates us. You had grown a lot during that time: 10 to 19 years old. I put you some maps below to locate you. Respectfully, G. Dubois.”

Connecting Through Twitter

Decade Old Message In A Bottle
Max Vredenburgh/NBC, Max Vredenburgh/Twitter

“On August 21, 2010, I threw a message in a bottle into the ocean from a beach in Rockport, MA. On October 10, 2019, that letter was found on the beach in France. I am mind blown. 9 years,” Vredenburgh wrote on Twitter. Of course, everyone wanted to know more, and he was happy to oblige.

Dubois’ letter contained a map that showed exactly where he found the message in a bottle, which Vredenburgh also shared. It really is incredible thinking how far the bottle traveled! The Atlantic Ocean covers about twenty percent of our planet and stretches over 41,000,000 square miles. Not only did it make it to shore – but someone also picked it up and replied.

Now, the Twitter post has earned over 140,000 times on Twitter. Online users eagerly await for the next exchange update between the American teenager and the Frenchman who found the letter. The two connected on Twitter and Instagram, and have been chatting. So far, there isn’t any news about a meetup – so we will have to sit back and wait.

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