Most Common New Year’s Resolutions (And How To Follow Through)

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New Year's Resolutions
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Every year, millions around the world make New Year’s resolutions. From losing weight to quitting smoking, there are quite a few resolutions that come up year after year. However, most people don’t follow through, sadly! But it’s easier than you think to accomplish your New Year’s resolutions! Read on to see how…

Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions

Follow Through On Yearly Goals

Last year, a whopping 28% of people said they set a New Year’s resolution. That’s nearly 93 million people! Of course, as you likely know, there are a few popular resolutions that seem to crop up every single year. Among all the New Year’s resolutions, begin exercising always ranks as the most common, although nearly half of those admit to having fallen off by summer. From there, eating healthy, losing weight, saving money, and getting more sleep round out the top five. Other great goals, like reducing stress, traveling more, and quitting smoking also ranked high last year. Sadly, the coronavirus certainly put a stop to a lot of traveling this year.

Unfortunately, while many commit to New Year’s resolutions, few stick with them. In fact, less than half of people that begin the year with a resolution actually keep it through the year. Those who didn’t create a resolution but had an end-of-the-year goal fared even worse: only 4% of them completed it. So, are there any easy ways to jump-start a New Year’s resolution? Actually, there are…

Reaching The Goal

New Year's Resolutions
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In fact, there are actually a few tricks to sticking with your New Year’s resolutions. Or should we say, resolution? You see, experts recommend focusing on one goal a year. While we all want to improve our well-being, overwhelming ourselves is definitely not the way to go. Next, write your resolution down and place it visibly in various locations: next to your alarm clock, on your bathroom mirror, etc. This way, it stays at the forefront of your mind. Similarly, seek support from others. Share the goal with like-minded people if possible – find a gym buddy or go to a psychologist that can help achieve the goal. There’s lots of research that shows that those with support not only complete their resolutions more often, but have an easier time doing so.

Of course, in the event that your New Year’s resolution starts to have a detrimental effect on your life, do not be scared to let go and fail. Transitions rarely go as we hope, and mistakes will happen. As such, experts recommend remembering these rules in regards to New Year’s resolutions:

  • completing a task or a goal later than planned is not a failure;
  • achieving only half of the goal or less is not a failure;
  • skipping one of the resolutions or tasks is not a failure.

Looking at how stressful 2020 was, don’t push yourself too much when 2021 starts. Pick an enjoyable New Year’s resolution and have a blast stick to it!

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