Pen Pals From Across The Ocean Meet For The First Time After 60 Years Of Writing To Each Other

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Pen Pals Meet After 60 Years
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Over six decades ago, one Australian girl became pen pals with a Canadian girl. Neither thought that their friendship would last for very long. However, they continued writing for over 60 years! This year, the two pen pals finally met! Read on to see just how well the reunion went…

The Pen Pals From Across The Ocean

Pen Pals Meet After 60 Years
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In 1960, ten-year-old Lyn Carpenter from Adelaide, Australia noticed an interesting ad in the newspaper. It listed a Canadian address she could write to and start pen-paling someone. Carpenter wrote a letter and sent it, hoping to get a message back.

Then, shortly afterward, Carpenter received a letter back! It came from a little Candian girl, Dolores Bailey, who lived in British Columbia. The girls started writing back and forth, waiting for each other’s letters every month. They shared everything happening in their lives with one another: their hobbies, their shared loved for the Beatles, and eventually boys. As the years continued to pass, the letters turned to university, broken hearts, marriage, and children. Along with the letters, Carpenter and Bailey often of themselves and their family and friends, to keep each other updated.

Growing Up, Meeting Up

Pen Pals Meet After 60 Years
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As the years continued to pass, the ladies switched over to email once the internet became commonplace. After all, emails are much quicker than snail mail. Eventually, the two also started swapping text messages. Occasionally, they would stop for a short while, only to pick it up again down the road.

One day, this year, after six decades of friendship, Bailey shared with Carpenter her wish for them to meet in real life, as a part of her bucket list. The two were ecstatic and made all the flight arrangements needed.

Carpenter waited for Bailey, excited, and a little nervous. She picked her up from the bus stop after the long flight to Sydney from where she took a bus to Adelaide. The two hugged for long moments, and couldn’t believe it was finally happening.

The Incredible Visit

Pen Pals Meet After 60 Years
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Even though this was the first time they’ve met, the meeting felt natural, as the two are close friends. Carpenter said, “She’s the friend who I have had the longest. That’s pretty special.” The two had a blast down under, visiting Beatles memorial sights and Carpenter giving Bailey a proper tour of Adelaide.

Even though they had to part, they are already planning their next reunion. Meanwhile, the women will continue writing to each other, as their tradition goes. They hope their families can meet one day, too.

The story spread online, touching the hearts of many, especially those who once had pen pals. The response was amazing, with one user writing, “I love stories like this one. Reminds me of something you’d hear on This American Life. Thanks for sharing.” Another wrote, “As a Canadian girl, I had an Australian pen pal growing up! We kept it up from Grade 2 to Grade 7 or so. It’s too bad we didn’t keep it up… Tracy (from New South Wales I think) if you’re reading this, hope you’re doing awesome!”

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