Prepare Yourself: This Year’s Most Adorable Halloween Pet Costumes

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Pet Costumes

Halloween is a great holiday for tons of reasons: trick or treating, great costumes, cool movies, the list goes on. However, Halloween is the perfect holiday for only one reason: incredible pet costumes for our furry friends. Then, on November 1st, we get to see all of the exquisite pet costumes that people uploaded online! Continue reading for some of the cutest, funniest pet costumes from this year.

A Unicorn! Or A Unicat. Or A Caticorn?

Pet Costumes

Famous YouTuber Cristine (yes, no H), from the Simply Nailogical channel, creates pet costumes for her cats every Halloween. This year, Menchie, seen above, was a unicorn, just like her mother. She also tried on a banana costume and a shark one. So scary! And from the look on Menchie’s face, we think she also thinks its purrty spooky.

Master Yoda

Pet Costumes

Smoosh is an Instagram star from Seattle with hundreds of followers. He also just happens to be a Sphynx cat! Even though he’s already strangely adorable, his parents decided to go all out with a Star Wars costume. In fact, the whole family dressed up. His mom went as Princess Leia, his dad as Han Solo, and Smoosh, the wisest of them all, went as Master Yoda.

Monsters & Pugs Inc.

Pet Costumes

Yes, you’re seeing correctly, another family of dressed up pets! Shannon Green has three adorable little pugs, and she did not miss the opportunity for a full family costume. So, they decided to take some inspiration from Monsters Inc. Green went as a SWAT team member from the Pixar movie, her daughter was Sully, and the pugs were Mike Wazowski, Boo, and Roz. Try not to faint from cuteness overload!

E.T. Bark Home

Pet Costumes

While we’re on the topic of cute pups, here is the most perfect costume for one: E.T. They already look like adorable aliens, so why not take advantage of it and perfect it into a costume?! Allison Wagonner dressed her lil’ French Bulldog in a white blanket and put on a red hoodie herself for the role of Thomas. E.T. phone home, rub belly, sleep, bark.

The Little Merdog

Pet Costumes
Jenna Marbles/YouTube

The queen of YouTube, Jenna Murray (aka Jenna Marbles) has a tradition of posting a video of her incredible pet costumes every Halloween. Last year her dogs were Princess Leia and a T-Rex. However, this year, her two Italian greyhounds were the Little Mermaid (complete with a red wig and squeaky toys) and a “merman.” Meanwhile, little Mr. Marbles the Chihuahua was Dracula (even though he has no teeth). Oh, what a time to be alive!

Angel And Devil

Pet Costumes

Another perfect dog/human costume! Kip the Samoyed is already a fluffy angel on legs. So with wings and a halo, he becomes the ultimate good boy! With his sidekick human in a devil costume, the greatest Halloween pet photo was created.

So, Halloween is over. Waiting for those CHRISTMAS PET PHOTOS of yours. Let’s go!

As always, a friendly reminder: It’s okay to put our furry babies in a costume for a few minutes – for the sake of Instagram, duh – but pet comfort and safety is always number one.