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Pilot Orders 23 Pizzas For Passengers Stuck On Tarmac For Hours

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Air Canada Pilot Orders Pizza
Bill Karsten/Twitter

At first, everything about this Air Canada flight seemed perfect. But after the plane took off, air traffic controllers diverted to another airport because of bad weather. There, the passengers ended up stranded on the tarmac hour hours and hours. Thankfully, the pilot thought of a great way to keep everyone in good spirits. He ordered pizza directly to the plane! Read on to discover the passengers’ priceless reaction…

The Eight Hour Wait

Air Canada Pilot Orders Pizza

Traveling is wonderful! However, we all know ending up stuck in an airport is a terrible experience. Now imagine ending up trapped in a small plane, on the tarmac, for eight hours. All this after your plane needed to divert to a new destination, because of terrible weather conditions. If it sounds incredibly unpleasant and stressful, it is. Just ask those aboard a Toronto flight that took off in early March. Thankfully, because of one man, the night ended far better than it began.

On March 6, a flight from Toronto, Ontario to Halifax, Nova Scotia, took off as planned. However, because of extreme weather conditions, air traffic controllers diverted the plane to Fredericton, New Brunswick. There, the passengers waited. The pilots and crew asked passengers to stay put, as many other flights that day were diverted and the all the flights’ schedules changed. Soon, morale on the plane began to deteriorate…

The Pilot Orders Pizza – To The Tarmac

Air Canada Pilot Orders Pizza
Bill Karsten/Twitter

The head pilot decided to do something incredibly sweet. He could tell that the passengers felt unhappy and annoyed, and he wanted to do something about it. So he called a restaurant, Minglers Restaurant and Pub in nearby Oromocto, and had 23 pizzas delivered to the passengers on his plane!

The restaurant owner, Roch Larivée, said in an interview that he and the staff could not believe the large, spontaneous order at first. After all, its not everyday a pilot orders pizza for an entire plane. “We do a catering business here too, so we’re used to unusual numbers, but I mean on a storm night? For a plane? No. I hope everybody enjoyed their pizzas,” Larivée said.

“The Great Work Of The Captain”

Air Canada Pilot Orders Pizza
Air Canada

Let’s face it, when a pilot orders pizza to a plane, it’s going to make the news. Word of the massive pizza delivery got out when one of the passengers, Bill Karsten, tweeted photos of the meal. He was interviewed later and said, “[The pilot] walked entirely down the length of the plane just to make sure we knew what was going on and whatnot, before departing to Halifax. So I think the mood was set, in reality, by the great work of the captain.”

The pilot made sure the crew also got their share of the pizza, crediting them as well. “He wanted everyone to know that it was the whole crew, that he couldn’t have done it without the crew. There was lots of help, there were a couple of Air Canada Jazz pilots that were traveling on the plane and they were helping to pick up the pizza and distribute it. Everybody chipped in, so he didn’t want to take the whole credit for himself.”

Another passenger, Philomena Hughes, said that by ordering the pizzas, it made the terrible experience a whole lot easier. It also gave the passengers something to do while waiting for news of their flight. The plane eventually took off and landed in its destination, with 100% of the passengers’ in good health and good morale.