Pipsqueak the Dachshund Reunited With Family After 5-Month Separation Due To Coronavirus

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Pipsqueak the Dachshund

Coronavirus has taken its toll on everything around us: families, businesses, paychecks, even pets. Just take a look at Pipsqueak the dog, who had to travel for several weeks during the COVID-19 crisis, just to reunite his her family in Australia!

Meet Pipsqueak the Dachshund

Coronavirus Pet Stories

When British children Cam and Max Eilbeck saw little Pipsqueak the Dachshund while on a family vacation in Sicily, they knew they had to have her. Thankfully, their parents, Zoe and Guy, allowed the children to adopt the dog, becoming a member of the Eilbeck family! Pipsqueak quickly joined the family aboard their sailboat and left with them on their trip around the world. When the Eilbecks picked up the dachshund in Italy earlier this year, they had already been to 17 countries! Of course, the family could never have predicted the coronavirus’s horrible events on the world, nor that it would tear them from their new family members.

When COVID-19 hit America in full force this year, the Eilbecks were relaxing in Florida. So, before the borders shut for a while, the family needed to pack up and leave for their home country of Australia. Unfortunately, due to Australia’s strict animal import laws, Pipsqueak could not come along with them. However, the Eilbecks did not lose hope. Instead, they left their puppy with a temporary owner in North Carolina, while they figured out what to do next. Thankfully, a social media post on Pipsqueak went viral, and soon enough, she was on the move again, this time to Los Angeles! Pipsqueak had to board the flight to Auckland, New Zealand, before finally moving on to Melbourne, Australia. Of course, things never go as planned…

All For The Family

Pipsqueak the Dachshund

When Pipsqueak arrived in Australia, she faced more problems and delays. First, she needed to sit in quarantine for ten days, the typical animal weight. You see, Australia has had many problems with animals introduced to its ecosystem that do not belong. So, they check every animal over closely. Meanwhile, a closed border between Victoria and New South Wales did not help matters. Thankfully, the team taking care of Pipsqueak ensured she had plenty of FaceTime messages with her parents. “During these difficult times, it’s nice to be able to put a smile on someone’s face and I know it was a real joy for our team to come to the rescue,” said Glen Moloney, General Manager of Cargo for Virgin Australia.

Thankfully, Pipsqueak finally arrived in Sydney just days later. When she landed, her parents were there to hug and love her! “Our greatest learning has also been the most joyous — the kindness of strangers is alive and well in the world today,” Zoe Eilbeck said. “We could not have got our puppy here without many, many people’s help and everyone did it because they loved dogs and wanted to help us get our smallest crew member home to her family.”

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