Police Detectives Help Replace Medals Vietnam Veteran Lost In Burglary

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Medals Stolen Veteran Police Returned
Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office

Sometimes, a the worst things happen to the best people. Recently, a marine veteran in Virginia suffered a robbery, with the thieves even stealing his hard-earned and beloved medals. However, when detectives from the local police department heard of the vet’s troubles, they banded together to help him out…

A Very Proud Marine

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Faleskie Detective Frank Corona
Thomas Faleskie

In his younger days, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Faleskie served in the United States Marine Corps for almost 25 years! Throughout his service, the veteran earned plenty of medals, which he kept safe and sound in his home. Faleskie even earned the National Defense Service Medal and Vietnam Service Medal! Over the years, he would look at them or wear them on special occasions. They represented his incredible service and the pride he felt behind it. Sadly, these medals also interested local thieves…

Roughly a year ago, criminals broke into Faleskie’s home and stole everything the veteran owned, including his metals. In total, they stole thousands of dollars worth of goods. However, Faleskie cared little for the missing TV or silverware. Heartbroken, he could only think of his medals, as well as his military ribbons and pilot’s wings, which the horrible individuals also took. Thankfully, as it turns out, one of the police detectives assigned to the case was a fellow veteran. He would stop at nothing to help Faleskie!

Helping A Fellow Veteran

Medals Stolen Veteran Police Returned

Of course, as anyone would, Faleskie reported the crime to his local police department, Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office. There, Det. Frank Corona, on the right, took on the case. As a fellow marine veteran, Corona could not help but feel incredibly affected by the tragic story.

For days, Corona worked tirelessly on the case until he caught the suspects in the burglary. Along the way, he also managed to find a few of the medals at pawnshops around town. Sadly, they could not find all of them. It seemed that the criminals had either hidden them or given them away. Thankfully, Corona and his fellow detectives refused to give up! When they realized they would likely not find the items, they filed a special request to replace the items. Would it work? Only time would tell!

Heartwarming Surprise From Police

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Faleskie Detective Frank Corona
Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office

The request then went to a medal making company in South Carolina, who gave it their all. As you can see, the medals look nearly perfect! So, just a few days before Faleskie’s 84th birthday, the sheriff’s office detectives threw a special party for the veteran. At the party, the police department gifted him a shadow box, which included the recreated medals. Instantly, the veteran broke into tears with a massive smile on his face. It’s clear that he never expected to see these medals ever again.

As the hours passed, Faleskie could still not believe what had occurred. “I’m still in a state of shock because I never expected this, and I still can’t believe it happened, but I’m very happy,” the veteran said. “Usually that’s what you expect from a fellow Marine, is total support and a bond of friendship.”

The story does not end there, however! It has a double happy ending! The office later revealed that three people took part in the robbery, and all have pleaded guilty to burglary and grand larceny. Now, they will receive the punishment they deserve.

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