Hero Police Dog Locates Lost 2-Year-Old Iowa Boy

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Police Dog Saves Little Boy
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There’s a reason that dogs have become man’s best friend. Take Kilo the police dog, for instance. This fantastic pup found a lost 2-year-old boy! And when Kilo found the toddler, the police dog found quite the surprise…

Police Dog To The Rescue

Police K9

Last month, two Mason City, Iowa parents found themselves in a nightmare. They walked outside only to find their 2-year-old son and family dog missing. Of course, the parents did not hesitate to contact the police. Within minutes of the call, the authorities immediately got to work. Knowing they had no time to lose, the Cerro Gordo County Sheriff’s deputies and the Mason City and Worth County K-9 started canvassing the area, searching for any sign of the boy.

Meanwhile, the police also took to the air, using drone technology to search for the missing toddler! Sadly, the drones did not seem to do the job. An hour passed, but the drones had still not picked anything up.

However, on the ground, Mason City police officer Duane Kemna was having a bit more luck on foot. Accompanied by his partner, the stunning black police dog Kilo, Officer Kemna found the little one in no time! He later stated that it seemed that the toddler had managed to strand himself on the other side of a creek. That’s where they found the boy – sitting on a cinder block with his own family dog right beside him, patiently waiting for someone to find him!

A Happy Ending

Police Dog Saves Little Boy
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Shortly after the officer and his police dog found the toddler, Kemna returned him to his family. They instantly, broke down in tears, so happy to see their boy again. Incredibly, outside of being a little cold and wet, the 2-year-old boy was completely fine and didn’t need any medical attention. After the ordeal, the Sheriff’s Department could not wait to share the good news. “It’s not every day we get to share good news, but we are proud of the work done yesterday by K-9 Kilo and Officer Duane Kemna,” Mason City Police wrote in a post on their Twitter and Facebook. “Good dog!”

Meanwhile, plenty of users also cheered on Officer Kemna and his police dog partner. “What an awesome outcome thank goodness for our k nine officers,” one user wrote. “So great! Thank you both! What a good puppers,” a different user added. “thank you officer kemna and your heroic buddy, kilo!!” another commented. “Too many stories like this end differently & I’m happy Ofc. Kemna & K9 Kilo where there. Thanks,” a Twitter user chimed in.

Everyone is very proud of the work these two have done when rescuing the little toddler. Hopefully, every mission they take up has an equally happy ending!

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