Police Officer Runs 15K, Saves A Life, And Proposes To His Girlfriend – In One Day

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Police Officer 15K Proposal
James Foster/Chicago Sun-Times

When Sargent Mike Nowacki ran a 15K marathon in all his SWAT gear, many felt that was impressive enough. No one knew the police officer had a secret plan to propose to his girlfriend at the finish line! However, while reaching the end of his fun, Nowacki noticed a stranger on the ground and ultimately needed to perform CPR! Read on to discover this sergeant’s huge day…

The Police Officer With The Big Plan

Mike Nowacki 15K Proposal
Chicago Police Department/Facebook

Earlier this month, police officer Sargent Mike Nowacki experienced a day he’ll never forget. The police officer, a SWAT sergeant in Chicago, decided to participate in the Allstate Hot Chocolate 15K marathon, which raises money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. However, while running 9.3 miles would make for enough of a workout for most, Nowacki went over the top. He decided to run the entire race in his fifty-pound SWAT gear! Even more incredible, he planned on proposing to his girlfriend, Erin Gubala, a fellow police officer, at the end of the race. As she was actually working the race, it would be a complete surprise!

The day already had everything going for it. Still, something else happened that made Nowacki’s day even more eventful…

Saving A Life

Police Officer 15K Proposal
James Foster/The Chicago Sun-Times

Nowacki made it through most of the race uneventfully. Of course, he felt hot and tired from running almost ten miles in SWAT gear. However, thinking about what he would say to Gubala at the race’s end kept the sergeant occupied. Then, just some 150 yards from the finish line, Nowacki heard a race medic call out for help.

Without a second’s hesitation, the police officer ran over to assist the medic in any way he could. There, a large crowd had gathered around an unconscious woman lying on the ground. Nowacki and another firefighter performed CPR on the woman – and saved her life. “It was definitely a serendipitous moment because if I had run a little bit slower or a little bit faster, I would have never encountered the young lady,” said Nowacki in an interview with ABC affiliate WLS-TV.

Later, the Chicago Police Department gave an update on the woman, and Nowacki’s selfless deed, on their Facebook page: “The female subject was transported to Northwestern Hospital where doctors stated Sgt. Nowacki’s actions and the quick response by emergency medical services saved the female’s life.”

“I Don’t Know What To Say”

Mike Nowacki 15K Proposal
Chicago Police Department/Facebook

But what about the proposal? Well,┬áNowacki recalled, “Mostly what I was trying to do as I finished the race was come up with something good to say, and then I was totally thrown off by having to perform CPR.”

Still, the CPR did not deter him for the long. The SWAT member quickly regained focus and started once again towards the finish line. As soon as Nowacki saw her, he sprinted to his girlfriend. Having heard about it on the radio, Gubala believed Nowacki wanted to tell her about the woman he had just saved. “He’s sweating, and I wanted to talk to him about what happened down the way, find out more information, and then he got down on one knee, and I thought that he was hurt and then he just said, ‘Erin, I don’t know what to say’ and then I realize what was going on,” Gubala recalled. Of course, she said yes! Now Nowacki faces another challenge: planning a wedding!

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