Police Officers Surprise Late Colleague’s Son On First Day of School

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Police Officers Surprise Late Colleague's Son

Starting a new year at school is never easy. However, it was even harder for nine-year-old Noah Swanger as he had recently lost his father, a police officer. To try and make things a little easier, other police officers filled his colleague’s place…

A Visit From Friendly Police Officers

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Noah Swanger, a nine-year-old schoolboy from Las Vegas, recently lost his father, police officer Jason Swanger, to coronavirus. Sadly, after losing his father this summer, young Noah needed to start the school year alone. Thankfully, his father’s colleagues knew what to do. A squad of police officers visited the boy on his first day of fourth grade to support him, just as his father would have done.

“The families of the fallen are not left behind. Our officers escorted Noah Swanger, 9, to his first day of 4th grade at Steve Schorr Elementary,” the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department wrote on Twitter. “Noah wants to be the #LVMPDSheriff one day. You are family, and know we will always be here for you.” In a video attached to the tweet, viewers can watch as the officers talk to the young Noah before hugging him tightly. As he walks to school, his late father’s co-workers cheer him on. We’re sure there wasn’t a dry eye on campus!

Even at school, Noah’s mother, Christa Swanger, explained that Jason will always be with her son. You see, he pinned a police badge to his backpack to honor his late father. As you might imagine, the visit from his father’s colleagues took Noah by surprise…

Honoring Their Late Colleague

Police Officers Surprise Late Colleague's Son

Christa needed to hold back tears as she talked about what the visit meant to her son. “He appreciates it,” Christa said. “He has a lot of family and we have a lot of friends, but this is his connection to his dad in the police department, so it means a lot to him that they’re all here for him.” In addition to Noah, he and Christa also have a daughter Leilani.

Meanwhile, becoming a police officer in Las Vegas meant quite a bit to Jason. “It was actually the first squad that he felt a part of,” Christa shared. “There’s a lot of guys on there, a lot of different personalities, and I think this was the first squad he actually felt like he fit in and belonged [to].” Prior to Las Vegas, he worked in Vegas and also served in the Navy for 11 years. After joining the Las Vegas Police Department, Jason did not stop there – he also joined the Army Nevada National Guard! He truly loved serving his country.

“Jason was a man among men. He stood for his country, his family, his faith, nobility, and honor. He was a man of his word and a man of his convictions,” his obituary said. “Jay was larger than life. His laugh and smile were contagious. He had the ability to turn a bad day into a great day with one of his one-liners.”

Rest in peace, Officer Jason Swanger.

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