This Was Princess Diana’s Final Bittersweet Birthday Wish

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Princess Diana's Final Birthday Wish
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It still seems like just yesterday that the world lost Princess Diana. However, time moves on. Believe it or not, Diana would have celebrated her 59th birthday this summer. Of course, in the summer of 1997, no one knew it would turn out to be her last birthday party. Now, new information about Princess Diana’s final birthday wish has surfaced thanks to the Palace insider…

A Bittersweet Birthday Wish

Princess Diana Last Birthday
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Trusted journalist Diane Clehane, who writes for the likes of Vanity Fair, People, and AdWeek, also works as a Princess Diana biographer, authoring books like Imagining Diana and Diana: The Secrets of Her Style. Now, a new source has revealed previously unknown information about the princess’ last birthday. Unfortunately, as it turns out, things at the party did not go well. Apparently, Diana told friends she felt that Prince William and Prince Harry “were being swallowed up by duty” and that she “could not compete with the kind of life the royals offered her sons.”

So, what did Princess Diana wish for on her birthday? It’s actually quite heartbreaking. “At the time of her last birthday, Diana told friends that her greatest wish was to remain as close to her sons as she had been while they were growing up,” the insider told Clehane. “Perhaps because it was a very difficult time for her, but she felt them slipping away, and it upset her. She knew in a few short years, they’d be young men with their own lives, and she feared since she’d split from the royal family, they would freeze her out.”

And she was very good at hiding that something upset her. Princess Diana celebrated her last birthday as the guest of honor at the 100th anniversary of the Tate Gallery in London. It was also the last time her brother Charles Spencer seen her. “The last time I saw Diana was on July 1, her birthday in London, when typically she was not taking time to celebrate her special day with friends but was guest of honor at a special charity fundraising evening,” he said. “She sparkled, of course.”

Princess Diana Behind-The-Scenes

Princess Diana's Final Birthday Wish
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As much as Princess Diana seemed to enjoy her birthday party, a lot ran through her head. Meanwhile, near around the same time, her sons, William and Harry, needed to leave to Balmoral for a month as well. “The boys loved being in Scotland doing all the things Diana detested—killing things and mucking around,” said the source. “There was even a go-cart track on the estate that William and Harry loved. They were quite limited when they were at Kensington Palace with Diana. She knew as they got older, it was no longer very much fun for them to be in London with her.”

Thankfully, Princess Diana‘s party at the Tate Gallery did have happy moments. Her friends and supporters sent her 90 bouquets in total, as well as having a great party! Meanwhile, Harry also called her and congratulated her along with his classmates by singing a Happy Birthday tune to her. ‘But when she returned to Kensington Palace that night, she was alone,” said the writer’s insider source. “She was resolute about finding a way to have a wonderful time with her sons that summer. No one could have predicted how wrong it would all ago, and that would be the last time they would be together…”

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