Meet The Indonesian Girl Who Went Viral For Attending The Wedding Of Her Ex-Boyfriend

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Rina Indonesian Girl Wedding Ex-Boyfriend Arranged Marriage
Rina Vlog/YouTube

For most people, their wedding day is the most beautiful, wonderful day of their lives. It’s a day to celebrate true love in front of all their family and friends. How could anything go wrong with that? Sadly, not every wedding is a joyous affair – just ask Rina Cantic.

After six-and-a-half years of dating, Cantic’s boyfriend abruptly broke up with her for reasons you will not believe. Then, less than a year later, Cantic received an invitation to her ex-boyfriend’s upcoming wedding. That’s right! Against the advice of all her friends, Rina Cantic decided to attend her past lover’s wedding and ended up going viral as a result…